This is what happens in the dressing room for the models of Victoria’s Secret before its famous annual parade

The fashion show the annual Victoria s Secret is always a great event that attracts the watchful gaze of millions of viewers around the world. This event so exciting is accompanied by a live performance by famous musicians and ends with the long-awaited presentation of the new Fantasy Bra, a bra incredibly expensive embedded with precious stones.

The preparations for this show of luxury last at least a year, and only the privileged few received an invitation to see it in person.

The photo sessions and video are produced a few days before broadcast on television. Until 2013, all the fashion shows of Victoria’s Secret took place in the united States and once in Cannes. In recent years, the location of the show has expanded significantly, coming to a part of Europe and even Asia.

Not in vain, in decided to go further and discover inside this program, what stays behind the cameras and what happens in the dressing room of the models.

The months of physical exercises intensive and strict diets are in the past and now there are only a couple of days to give the final touch that will help the models look dazzling on the catwalk.

On the day set, the show is set two times to get the best camera shots for television version.

The flight

The models generally arrive at their destination in a private plane pink color, the color of the company. Sponsors, operators, journalists from the global media, bloggers and other people associated with the show will be accompanied in the same plane and the same fate to these models.

All the models are dressed according to the style of the brand. Especially for the flight, wear make-up and combed for the occasion, as the taking of pictures and video to media and social networks already starts when you’re on your way.

On board, all the members will give blankets pink with the symbols of Victoria’s Secret and others present.

Kimono rose

Behind the scenes, the models continue posing for photographers and for selfies. And always do it with kimono rose which, with the passage of the years, have become an attribute irreplaceable of the show behind the stage. One can get these garments on the official website of the brand and feel like an “Angel” before the show.


The total number of people who work to organize the show is unknown. Only the team responsible for all of them are beautiful up of about 100 people.

The number of cosmetic products used to prepare the models for the show is shocking: more than 40 bottles of hairspray and about 150 glosses for lips.

Brown skin

The skin tone is ideal key. There is a specialist responsible for this task. Begins to work with some models, one or two days before the show. With the other, on the same day. Your goal is to choose the shade ideal for each model individually. In addition, you should make the outline, highlighting the virtues of the figure.

Facial massage

Before you apply the makeup, the professionals responsible for this provide a type of special massage to tone the facial muscles. It works as well as the best cosmetics.

To “liven up” the skin instantly and remove the swelling, makeup artists go through the faces of the models ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth, paying special attention to the area around the eyes.


On the day of the show, the makeup and the hairstyles require approximately 5 hours.

The makeup professional to create natural images, enhancing the eyes. To achieve this, crimped the lashes with tweezers, apply several layers of mascara and use a brown liner-gray.


A great team of professionals does everything possible to ensure that the hair of the “angels” is impeccable. Use a special style called effect of “hair beach”: loose hair, slightly wavy, as if the wind had tousled. To achieve an effect more natural, the strands are crimped in different directions, and not for more than a couple of seconds.


The show of Victoria’s Secret is a very difficult challenge for all its participants. Some wings of the ’angels’ can weigh up to 20 kilos, due to the gems embedded. If you consider this heavy “accessory” and the double session of photos and video, it is essential to have an adequate amount of energy. Therefore, the models prefer to eat something nutritious right before the start of the parade. You can be an energy bar or a sandwich with whole wheat bread.

However, the journalists claim that behind the stage offers a great variety of food that, at times, are anything but healthy, including alcoholic beverages.

Fantasy Bra

Each year we choose a new model that will be sporting this luxurious bra decorated with precious stones. This year the luck reached out to a model from Brazil, Lais Ribeiro, who wore a Fantasy Bra that costs 2 million USD.

To create this masterpiece it took 350 hours of work.

What about you how you were imagining the life behind a stage in a fashion show? Can match what that you’ve always imagined with what appears in this article?

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