These 5 exercises will show you how young is your body

Any person is born with flexibility, therefore for the children it is so easy to sit in a line or take the leg behind the head. With the passage of time, the body’s flexibility and mobility of the joints is lost and the long hours of sedentary work in the office does more harm to our body. Is already difficult to enderezarte or fasten the clasp of your dress independently. prepared you 5 exercises that will help you to assess the flexibility of different parts of your body and determine your age group. Get ready for entristecerte, since the result may be unpleasant for you. Before doing exercises, we recommend to warm up: jump, do squats or do laps with the legs.

We check the flexibility of the joints of the shoulders

Do it like this:

  • What was easy? Congratulations, all is well and you are very young.
  • Came out, but it took work. You’d have to do it more often.
  • If you found it very difficult, then wrap gently elbows behind your back and stay a few minutes in this position. Practice often if you do not want to purchase the syndrome of the frozen shoulder.

We check the flexibility of the spine

Do it like this:

  • If you were able to put the entire surface of your palm to the floor or to touch it behind the feet, perfect, you don’t have more than 25 years or stretch it regularly.
  • If you just reached with the fingers, is fine, but you have to work more.
  • You could not get to your feet, you have to practice it often. It seems that the joints of your spine are preparing to be on the couch, wrapped in a blanket or knit.

We check the flexibility of the front part of the neck and the shoulder girdle

Do it like this:

  • If you do not reach with your hands until the heels, don’t try it more, and only lean back keeping your hands back. You’ll have to work more to get the flexibility. It is obvious that your age is not that of a teenager.
  • If you found it easy, congratulations: everything is fine, return to your first position slowly.

We check the flexibility of the hip joints

Do it like this:

  • If you arrived with your forehead to the knee and you were able to stay in this position for at least a couple of minutes, it gives us much pleasure for you. Your physical age is close to that of a child.
  • If you weren’t able to reach, or your leg is bent unintentionally, your joint no longer has mobility and the hamstring muscles lack elasticity.

We check the flexibility of the joints of the knee

Do it like this:

  • At an early age, this exercise is not difficult. When moving with small steps, it is easy to get out of the posture of the lizard to take on the position of the letter “A”.
  • After 30 it is difficult to perform this test without bending the elbows, knees, or back. The most important thing is to fix the problem and pay more attention to the flexibility.
  • If you do not aprobaste this test, you probably have more than 50 and not play sports.

What and for you what exercise was the most difficult to perform? Please share your answer in the comments!

We will see together what part of the body, according to the statistics with the age begins to bend worse.

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