These tips will help you to keep your shoes as white as the day you bought them

The white shoes are the perfect choice for the summer, but few people manage to keep them in good condition for more than a season. Stains, dust, inadequate care… All of that just turning them into an accessory off and unattractive. Shoe care white, of course, is more difficult than that of those who hold other colors. But with proper treatment you will see that it is possible to keep them in their original form for several years. brings to you today a series of tips for the care of the white shoes, which will help you to make them look as if they were newly purchased. In addition, we will tell you how to clean the stains that are already damaged or deteriorated by the passage of time.

1. After you buy them, treat the shoes with wax, or spray

The new shoes change color, going from white to grey, due to the invisible dust that settles on them. Fortunately, the shoes were invented a long time ago, as well as remedies that will help you to protect it. The wax and sprays special will create a layer that is impassable to the dirt on the surface of the shoes. A procedure so simple will keep the color for a long time. Yes, you should always opt for the products that are appropriate for the material with which it is manufactured your footwear.

2. Don’t apply cleaning products directly on the shoes

If the shoes or the shoes are dirty and you bought a cleaning product to fix it, not you apply it directly on the surface. On a white color that can stay spots or drops, which will then be virtually impossible to remove. Apply any product of this type with the aid of a sponge, a brush or a soft cloth. That way, what is left will be absorbed by the material without damaging the surface of the footwear.

3. Don’t store those white shoes with the other colors

If your shoes are deposited together in the main entrance, nothing will happen. But if you keep the shoes white along with other color, for example black and brown, in a box or a bag, there is a high probability that the next year we are not so whitish as before. The dye, remains invisible, cleaning products or dust from the shoes, change the color to white and not make it for the better. To maintain the tone, it is best to place each pair in its own box or, at least, keep them with others of the same color.

4. Choose a brush for shoes in function of their material

It is easy to guess that clean shoes white and blacks with the same brush is not exactly a good idea. But this is not the only nuance is that you must take into account, it is also important to attend to the material of the product.

If the shoes or sneakers are manufactured of skin or artificial skin, any soft cloth will help. To preserve the structure of the models highly polished, it is best to choose a brush. If you do not, you will help to clean the material with a simple eraser. For the suede, will serve only a special brush.

5. Use petroleum jelly to remove the water spots

After washing unsuitable, in white shoes stains may remain unattractive that will appear when dry. Don’t try to remove them with cleaning products. Instead, use petroleum jelly: you must apply to stains and let it work overnight (for a period of 7-8 hours). When you arrive in the morning, the stains will have disappeared, the traces of the product may be removed, and then your shoes will already be ready to use.

6. Old stains can be removed with gasoline

It is easier to clean the shoes if they are newly stained. But even if the footwear in question was messed up last season, don’t rush to throw them away. You can try to clean old stains with gasoline. To do this, you must mix it in any container with a small amount of magnesia in powder. Wet a cloth in the solution and clean with it the damaged surface.

7. Clean shoes with toothpaste

It is not necessary to buy a special product and it is expensive to keep clean your white shoes. Indeed, with these improvised means you’ll be able to cope with your cleaning. The toothpaste can remove dirt if this is not abundant. Simply, apply it on a brush and old rub with it the damaged surface. After that, remove the paste with a soft, damp cloth.

8. The sneakers can be washed with shampoo, detergent for dishes and liquid soap

The fabric of the sneakers is, often, more resistant to dirt than others, so that it is easier to clean. For this purpose, use a product that is a liquid: shampoo, soap, or detergent for the dishes. The same must be submerged in the solution with the product, clean with a sponge and rinse with clean, warm water.

If you want to wash the shoes in the washing machine, do not forget to remove the laces and put the shoes in a special bag for washing. The same should be dried in the open air, by filling the inside with paper.

As you may have been able to see, it is quite easy to take care of the white shoes, just simply follow these tips regularly and immediately delete the dirt so that it does not have time to settle on them. And you, how do you address the stains of your shoes?

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