These will be the prices of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in Mexico

Google just announced their new streaming services of music and video known as YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium, which can also be used free of charge in Mexico with the condition that we will see ads from time to time, however, we may pay a subscription to remove the ads and get other benefits.

Well, Google Mexico has already announced the official prices of the service in our country, which will be of $119 USD for YouTube’s Premium and $99 MXN to YouTube Music Premium.

With regard to the benefits that we get in both services are the following:

  • No ads.
  • Playback in the background
  • Download your music and video to enjoy offline.
  • Access to Youtube Originals (just YouTube Premium)

It is important to mention that YouTube Premium offers all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium along with what it currently offers Youtube Network. In fact, Google has mentioned that users currently pay a subscription to Youtube Network will become automatic users of YouTube Premium, whereas those that have a subscription to Google Play Music will become customers of YouTube Music Premium.

Google says goodbye to Youtube Network and Google Play Music, now will be YouTube Premium YouTube Music

It might seem a bit unfair this situation, because currently hiring a Youtube Network, or Google Play Music, include the benefits of both services, although now the situation will be different.

This is because the prices will now be different, because currently the individual subscription of both services is $99 MXN, while the family plan is $149 MXN.

However, where there is an excellent news is that Google has mentioned that the current customers of YouTube Network will be able to enjoy the current price of the service for YouTube Premium, that is to say, they will not pay $119 USD per month, but $99 MXN. This promotion will be valid for one year.

Both services will debut in Mexico next week, so that will be a matter of waiting to see the change.

And what about the family plans?

Google has not mentioned anything about family plans, however, we have contacted with Google Mexico to solve all the doubts that have arisen after the announcement.

What if I am a user of Google Play Music but I want to YouTube Premium what should I do?

The logic indicates to me that you should cancel your subscription and sign up to the plan of YouTube Network as soon as possible to you observe the promotion’s price for a year, but something that will question Google Mexico was that a few months ago YouTube Network not offered family plans, which is why many (me included), we decided to hire the family plan of Google Play Music to have the benefits of YouTube Network for our family.

The company has not mentioned what will happen with this type of users, which as reported will become the users of YouTube Music Premium, missing out on the benefits of YouTube Network.

I promise to answer all of these questions and concerns in terms of Google Mexico will give us that answer, because I also believe that there could be an option to make the transition between one service and another as soon as it is available.

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