These are the new smartphones that Alcatel presented at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Despite the fact that the Mobile World Congress officially starts next Monday, the 26th of march, some companies take advantage of this weekend to make the presentation of their new smartphones in 2018, this way they have the full attention of the media covering the event.

And as the tomorrow Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, Alcatel has taken advantage of the day today to make official its new smartphone range low, medium and high, which stand out by including a similar design, that is to say, Alcatel is the first company to offer computers with screens without edges, in all its ranges this year, when the majority of manufacturers makes it only with their computers more expensive.

As mentioned by Alcatel, the French company seeks to popularize the technology and make it accessible to all users, so that according to statements of Hagen Fendler, Chief Design officer, TCL Communication (the company that manufactures the smarpthones Alcatel) with the new line of smartphones, they are revealing the beginnings of a new design philosophy called “SIMGANIC”. This approach includes a organic design and simple looking to create products that are truly careful, thought out from the perspective of the human being, which allows them to give a iconic style to detail and standardize this philosophy in its entire range of products.

That said, the new smartphones from Alcatel and TCL are the following:

Alcatel Series 5


The smartphone most complete Alcatel presented in this MWC 2018 is the 5-Series, the team that boasts of a screen of 5.7 inches with HD resolution+ and aspect ratio of 18:9, but without doubt its most striking feature is its price, as the French firm will put you in the market for 299.99 euros, which at the exchange rate they are $6,900 MXN / 370 USD.

The complete features of this device are the following:

The Alcatel Series 5 includes a package of intuitive tools for editing images called “Social Mode”, which allows you to take pictures in a more fun and efficient. In addition we will have an option called Social Square, with which you can take a picture and see at the same time the result thanks to the display in two square due to its aspect ratio of 18:9.

On the other hand, this device includes for the first time in the history of the brand a technology called “Face Key”, a new standard in facial recognition security, allowing you to unlock easily your device simply by looking at the screen.

As mentioned in the signature, this equipment is already available in some markets, and will arrive in the coming weeks to other countries including is probably including Mexico.

Alcatel Series 3

Another of the phones presented in Barcelona has been the Alcatel Series 3, that includes some of the features of the 5 Series, but that in addition has launched on the market in three different versions to give a taste to all types of users

The characteristics of these new devices are the following:

As we can see, one of the main differences between the Alcatel Series 3 is the resolution and screen size, as the Alcatel 3V includes a screen with 2K resolution 6-inch, 3X, offers technology IPS LCD 5.7 with resolution HD+, while the smallest model (Series 3) includes a screen IPS HD+ is 5.5 inches.

With respect to the chambers of these teams we’re also going to find some differences, because the model 3V uses a dual camera with a main sensor of 12MP, and the other secondary sensor of 2MP with LED flash, allowing you to make bokeh effects in real time and the possibility of changing the area of focus in any shot. The Alcatel 3X has a primary camera of 13MP and a lens super-wide-angle 5MP and 120 degrees with flash dual tone, allowing you to capture more in every shot, whether of an image or group a panoramic view.

The price of the Alcatel Series 3V will be of 189.99 euros, the exchange rate they are $4,400 MXN, while in the case of the 3X will be of 179.99 euros (4,100 MXN approximately) and the Series 3 your exit price will be 149.99 euro, which in mexican pesos is approximately ,$3,400.

Alcatel Series 1


Finally we have the Alcatel Series 1, which is presented as a unique model and representative of the range average low of Alcatel, that as we advance, it also includes a screen without edges, with aspect ratio of 18:9, but also that its price does not exceed 100 euros ($1,850 USD), includes one of the most interesting features of the 5-Series as is the “Face Key” and sensor of the fingerprint, in addition to that lovers of photos will also find the Social technology Mode for the camera, so this Alcatel will be one of the favorite phone of all those who do not want to spend much money on a smartphone but also want a computer with new technology.

The full specifications of the phone are the following:

Something very important to note is that this is the first smartphone in history to be presented with the new operating system, Android Go, a lightweight version designed for low-end computers, so you can have an Android experience with outstanding very similar to that of a Nexus.

What you seem to be new smartphones from Alcatel?

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