Events that demonstrate that on a Friday 13th indeed, odd things happen

The triskaidekaphobia is the morbid fear of Friday the 13th. This day of bad luck is known by many; in addition to dozens of movies filmed on this day, and viruses are created, the day Friday the 13th will lose up to 800 million USD only because people are afraid to go to the shops, travelling or doing business. But is it really a day of bad luck? decided to find out what is Friday 13. How simply a superstition, or a day when you really worth to stay at home and cover yourself with a blanket?

The Buckingham Palace was destroyed during the Second World War on a Friday the 13th

According to the documents of war, during the attack Blitz, the German army launched 5 bombs on the Buckingham Palace and the chapel on the 13th of September, 1940. Although at that time the royal family was in residence, fortunately, no one of them was injured.

A Friday the 13th, at 13:30 a ray fell on a boy of 13 years

During the air show at Lowestoft Seafront Air in England, a ray fell on a boy of 13 years, which was holding an umbrella. But, despite the fact that this was a creepy coincidence, the guy came out unscathed with only a burn in the shoulder and stayed in the hospital for a few days.

The cruise ship Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Italy

The cruise ship Costa Concordia sank on 13 January 2012. This was the ship’s largest passenger, in which was the double of passengers than on the Titanic. In this event killed 32 people.

The “black Friday” burned down half the state of Victoria in Australia

This is one of the events most deadly of the history of Australia. The forest fire began on 13 January 1939 and absorbed almost all of the state. At that time, they set fire to 700 houses, 71 people were killed and the fire consumed an area of 575 hectares of land, which is equivalent to 3/4 parts of the state.

The 13 of October of 1972, they took out 2 huge disasters aerial

The flight uruguay 571 was headed to Chile, when, due to a breakdown, had to land in the Andes. After 10 days of searches failed, the rescue operations were suspended. However, the pass 72 hours, 2 men appeared at the nearest settlement and told the authorities that in the snow were still 16 people.

That same day, the airplane crash of Aeroflot-217 became the worst air disaster in the history of Russia. All 174 passengers on board were killed in an attempt to land due to bad weather. Since then, however, it has not been clarified the cause of the accident.

Tragedy in Bangladesh in 1970

Friday the 13th of November 1970 in Bangladesh hit by cyclone Bhola, which caused a tsunami, which resulted in the death of about 500 thousand people. In addition to this, he was destroyed 90 percent of the livestock and crop in hundreds of fields. This catastrophe caused a famine on a large scale during a long period of time. The people of Bangladesh since they consider this day as one of the most horrific in the history of the country.

It was created a computer virus that affected Great Britain

On Friday, January 13, 1989, there appeared a virus computer that affected the whole of England. The virus was erasing personal files on all the computers and slowed down its operation, but, fortunately, the adequate measures were taken and the virus failed to cross the Atlantic ocean.

But also in the Friday the 13th many good things have happened

  • Hollywood became Hollywood. On the 13th of July, 1923, were set in the letters known by all. In reality, the letters at that time were even larger and did not have any relationship with the cinema.

  • NASA stated that the Moon found water, November 13, 2009.

  • The 13 of August 2004, the Olympic Games officially returned to their homeland and were held in Athens, Greece.

  • Friday 13 October 1967 by order of the president of the united states, Lyndon B. Johnson, it was declared that the contract on the basis of gender was illegal. This event has affected the whole world and gave women the equal right to receive a profession and to choose a place of work.

  • For the first time were found dinosaur eggs in an excavation in Mongolia on 13 July 1923.

  • Malta became a republic on 13 December 1974. Perhaps for us this is not a big event, but for the inhabitants of a tiny country in the Mediterranean sea is a complete history.

  • It was invented Super Mario Bros in Japan. One of video games most iconic in history was released on 13 September 1985.

And what is most important. Despite all the stereotypes, technically, Friday the 13th is Friday. What that means is that it is a good day, since that indicates the start of the weekend!

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