Former Disney animator lost his wife and decided to show how life changes after a irreparable loss

Until October 2017, Gary Andrews had a normal family but very happy: wife, two children, a cat and a dog. Unfortunately, problems can come to any home, and while Gary was on a business trip in Canada, his wife became ill. He returned immediately to home, but it was already too late. On the 28th of October, his beloved wife Joy died of sepsis. The artist was left alone with two children without knowing how to continue the life.

Gary and Joy spent 19 happy years together full of love and events you cheerful, so that there was not a day without happy memories, but sad. The process of drawing always calmed her down to Gary, and not to go crazy by the loss, decided to let off some steam on paper, showing how to live now without that was all for him. shares the stories more emotional than Gary about what happens to family life when a loved one leaves it. You can see the full diary here.

1. So began the sad chapter in your journal

“With love. For always”

2. New life. New rules

“I explain to the children the new life plan that we will follow. I think that should work”.

3. Support from friends is the only thing that we need at this moment

“Development of a plan to take care of the children”.

4. But, sometimes, difficulties arise

-Okay, boys, the film has finished. It’s time to go to bed.

-But we have not yet dined.

— Oh, ray.

5. Now we must learn to do what mom did

“Do the kids help with the chores… does Not speed up the work, but it makes the process boring is much more fun.”

6. No one promised that the new life would be easy

“Then, I went out to run this morning, I say ’run’, but, in fact, it was more as if you were pulling an anchor hairy”.

7. We also have problems with the cat

“I was weaned on 5 minutes ago! Or has loss of short-term memory, or simply is a bastard greedy”.

8. How managed all of this mom?

“Where does so much dirty laundry when we are only three?”

9. I always need, but there are times in which the pain of the loss is manifesting more than usual

“I know, I have to go to bed… But now is the most empty in the world.”

10. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to rejoice even when all is well

“It’s a good day, very productive, I feel good… suddenly, I am filled with pain. It is a bastard stealth”.

11. Music can affect the most intimate

“Suddenly, traveling in the train, my eyes fill with tears when listening in my headphones the song ’Prettiest Eyes’ by the band the Beautiful South”.

12. And for a long time the memories of your loved one will be surrounded literally on all sides

“I passed by a shop and I saw things in the style boho-chic style they both loved, and I had to resist the urge to buy something for you, even knowing that you’re gone.”

13. What is most unbearable is not being able to share something beautiful with a loved one

“Six months without you, it’s hard to believe, have happened so many things that I need to tell you, would give everything to go back to have you at my side.”

14. The children know how to distract and help her forget the world

“We see to Have Only to pass by the arch of the Kessel in less than 12 parsecs”.

15. And for a moment it relieves the pain

“Golden moments: a snowball fight. I’m learning to be happy again”.

16. But their sincere words can move people to tears

Watching the animated movie ’Coco’.

“Oh, Ben! Mom would be there… in the Land of the Dead.”

“Sure would have a house purple”.

17. It is impossible to forget the traits of your loved one

“International Women’s day: on this day of strong women, inspiring and exceptional, I would like to draw to a single person. I love you and I miss you”.

18. And the invisible support will help to cope with any task

“Tomorrow is the International Day of the Book, there is that maintaining the standards of quality”.

19. The main thing is that there is someone for whom to live and keep creating

“I am very proud of my little team.”

20. It looks like the artist

In life there are situations against which we are powerless, when the only thing that remains for us is to accept the situation and begin to live again. A journal is just a way of venting your own emotions. What helps you in times in which everything escapes you out of hand?

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