There are 4 types of silhouettes, and we have selected the perfect dress for each of them

The feminine silhouette and in a timely manner the form of the buttocks is determined by 4 genetic factors, such as the position of the pelvis and the bones, the fat distribution, the size and shape of the gluteal muscles and the way in which the muscles are attached to the bone of the hip. This means that we can render them more firm, increase its volume or to eliminate an excess and select the clothes ideal to be guided by the type of our silhouette and shape of the buttocks. But to convert a triangle into a circle is something that probably cannot be achieved.

But we can be made perfect and has compiled for you the best garments for every type of figure.

Square shape

The line of the pelvic bones and the bones of the hip are uniform, there is a non-smooth transition to the waist, so the figure looks square. If you have buttocks that are small and not a transition, clear from the waist to the hip, the more likely it is that you are a carrier of a “square”.

What dress is better to choose?

Choose dresses multi-layer material which create an effect of volume. Also pay attention to the fabrics of velvet. If the dress has a drawstring that you can tie up neatly behind, it’s a must-see for added volume where it is needed most.

Round shape

The hips look quite large in relation to the total of the silhouette. If you turn sideways in front of the mirror, you can see that the buttocks are uniformly bulky, from the top to the bottom and the transition to the hip.

What dress is better to choose?

It is a sin to hide such beauty, but if you want to decrease a bit of volume, we recommend that you choose dresses flared at the bottom. Here governed by a simple rule: the wider the bottom, a closer appear to the hips. The distraction is a good option: deep neckline, collars, picturesque, and, voilà, the round shapes and voluminous look not so flashy.

Heart invested

The upper part of the buttocks this type of silhouette is small, the entire volume is concentrated at the bottom. The transition from the waist to the hips is sharp, there is nothing on the sides. This type of feminine silhouette is the result of the distribution of fat in the lower part of the buttocks and the thighs due to a high level of estrogen.

What dress is better to choose?

When choosing a dress, give priority to the style of “Empire” waist-high. Also be very cute dresses straight and tight until the half of the knees, because this way it will accent the chest and waist, which will favour the line of the hip.

In a V shape (inverted triangle)

The lines of the hips and the pelvis, is tapering down, and the silhouette looks like a inverted triangle. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you most likely also to be the owner of buttocks in the shape of a V.

What dress is better to choose?

When choosing a dress, before anything else pay attention to the fabric is volatile and fluid collection underneath the chest. Short dresses retro silk will also be very good.

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