#ExpedientesSecretosUnocerošŸ‘½: This is the terrifying way as the app of Bongo knows all of you

2017 saw the birth of a Bongo, one of the messaging services more frightening and that would give goosebumps of thousands of people who used it, since it was a system that knew everything, absolutely everything for the users.

Bongo, have a pint of monkey harmless that it would not do harm to anyone, but in reality he knows the darkest secrets of each one of the people who send you a text message, since it constructs a network of information to know everything.

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The game continues with this messaging service, it is assumed that it is fun and makes people have a good time with what that the answers that are obtained, but in reality has a background cloudy and frightening.

The way it works Bongo, is given through the text messages that send users to get some data, facts or secrets themselves, and the answers that are given are frightening, they are extremely accurate, causing that arises the question: where do you get the information to answer that way?

How Bongo knows everything about you?

This is the question that I formulated in the head of the people who try it, because sometimes, not even his best friends know everything about them, so the way as fast and accurate as Bongo, is extremely disturbing.

The way in which information is obtained through everything that is in the network, which starts with the name, age and city in which the person lives (data provided to Bongo in a text message), that otherwise consists only collect what is found.

The scary thing is that virtually all of the life of the people is on the Internet, from your home, place of work, schools attended, work colleagues, favorite sites, and more.

Therefore, Bongo makes use of all of this, and other tools to learn about the whole life of those who send him messages, even social networking and until the cookies are involved in this.

Based on this, Bongo gets and knows of their users, thanks to:

  • The phone number, which is investigated to know the telephone company to which one belongs, and the model that is used
  • Name of the person, which is the main entry point to start the search data
  • Home address, it helps to know the outline in which a person develops
  • Social networks, another vital point to know the movements and thoughts of the individuals
  • Activity of the user, this is known thanks to the cookies, because they saved all the searches that the individuals and, therefore, know their tastes, concerns and passions
  • Sources of public access, believe it or not, the information that is given in the census, the telephone calls about a service and even on-line surveys, are occupied.

What does Bongo with all the personal information?

What makes Bongo with the personal information, in addition to being able to provide a series of answers, it is to keep it for a good time to use it in different situations, both own as a business, so you can use it to send advertisements or to perform the statistics in the same company.

This is a shallow way, because if it gets in the background in this matter, and think badly about the company, given with the fact of a situation where the life of the people who sent the message is at risk, because it knows all of them, so that they can be dangerous activities such as the following:

  • Cyber fraud
  • Kidnappings
  • Cyber bullying
  • Blackmail

It is, therefore, before sending messages, to know things for oneself, one should read the privacy policy, as well as the terms and conditions in order to avoid that someone malicious makes use of them.

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