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What has happened to you that you say the name of some object or situation and are sure of it, but another person tells you that you are wrong, investigate it and you see that actually you were wrong? If your answer is yes, don’t worry, you’re not crazy, it is the effect Mandela.

It may be that by the name is created that is a disease or that something is wrong inside the head of one, but it is not so, it is just an effect that impacts thousands of people all over the world.

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So… what is the effect Mandela

The effect Mandela is a situation curious that occurs when one or several people believe remembering names, situations, events or wrong way as if they were real, or what is the same, he firmly believes in things that are neither passed on the way in that account.

This happens because the brain tends to work in a way extremely fast to be able to adapt to their environment, so once in a while makes data, faces or names to objects or events that did not happen that way, and believe them as if they were real.

This term, I think Fiona Broome, a blogger when she realized that she along with many people around, they remembered that Nelson Mandela died while he was in prison in the 80s, when, in reality, died out of it in 2013.

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If you don’t believe, look at these cases viral effect Mandela

When it comes to exemplify the effect Mandela, we can enumerate hundreds of cases, but on this occasion we bring you 10 of the most impressive and popular that are still believed today.

The death of Mandela

The case which gives the name to this effect, it has been explained previously, but here goes once more for if it had not been clear. Thousands of people believe that the activist Nelson Mandela, died when he was in jail in the 80s and saw his funeral on tv, but in reality departed from this world in 2013 to 95 years of age, being outside of the prison.

The straps of Mickey Mouse

Imagine Mickey Mouse, the famous character of Disney, okay? Now all rely to yourself if you have shoulder straps red, if your answer was yes, let me tell you that these are totally wrong, the mouse has never used straps.

The lord of the Monopoly

With the mr. Monopoly will be the same as in the previous case, and if you already have it in mind tell us if you remember with a monocle in the eye, because if so you are wrong again, because he sees perfectly and has never used an engine.

Luke, I am your father

This is perhaps one of the most famous examples is in the story, because millions of people believe Darth Vader says “Luke, I am your father”, but in reality only says “I am your father”.

Dancing with the lenses in Negociosos Risky

Following with the films, one of the scenes of film more far reaching that there is, is the dance of Tom Cruise when left alone at home, which only brings underwear and a shirt in pink, however, the people believed that it also uses a few black lenses, sorry, but that never happened.

In snow White never says “Mirror, mirror”

If you believed that the phase of “Mirror, Mirror” was something said to the Witch when he wanted to know who was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, are wandering, because that only says “Magic Mirror”.

How Looney Toons or Looney Tunes?

When you type the name of this cartoon, it is common to make the mistake of spelling it as Looney Toons, because it has been seen that the way it is with your own eyes; however, we regret to inform you that you are wrong.

Fruits=Fruit, then Fruit Loops

The same case as the previous, but with food. The cereal’s toucan is on this list, because millions of their customers have such a bad name, because it is actually Froot Loops and not Fruit, as many believe.

The tip of the tail of Pikachu is not black

If you grew up with Pokémon, you can say that you know all of them, or at least would know to distinguish if Pikachu has the tip of his tail is black, what they thought and they said that if?, better look twice before you re-comment.

George, the curious she has no tail

The latter case, but not the less striking is that of the caricature of George, curious, monkey cute when they move from one tree to another is not done with his tail, but with their hands, why? simply because she has no tail.

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