#ExpedientesSecretosUnocero: 5 phobias of technology that will surely suffer from and you don’t know

When we hear the word “phobia” we tend to think of the fear of spiders, heights, small spaces, etc., The reality and that the phobias can be caused by all sorts of things, even those that others enjoy and love, until, for example, phones and computers.

The increasingly widespread use of the technology has brought wonderful things, but for other reasons of anxiety, worry, anguish and fear.

About Donald Trump and his fear of technology

Despite the fact that phobias to the technology have no names, clinical officers, these exist. “there is no doubt that some individuals feel a deep fear of the technology or devices in specific for various reasons”. Said the professor, and specialist in phobias , Dr. Martin Antony to Mashable.

These are just some of the ones that have become more common. Insurance you you will identify with one or several of these situations.

1. Tecnophobia: fear of technology

The ‘technophobia’ is the that contains all. Began to emerge during the Industrial Revolution and continued to evolve from there.

The term refers to fear or anxiety abnormal to the effects of the technology. People who feel uncomfortable around advanced technology can also be considered as “tecnofóbicos”.

2. Nomofobia: fear of being without a mobile device

If you are addicted to the cell phone, this phobia might make sense for you. The nomofobia (“nomo” stands for non-mobile) and describes the panic or feeling of anxiety that occurs when you do not have your phone to hand. There are other fears which emerge here as the fear of losing signal, running out of battery, or, worst of all, losing your phone.

The who has not experienced this anxiety that the first to throw a stone.

3. Ciberfobia: fear of computers

Some people have an irrational fear of computers or working on a computer. The symptoms of this form of technophobia, which include anxiety and paranoia to anything related to computers.

What covers the camera on your laptop? This phobia can come in many forms, for example, the ciberfóbicos tend to believe that computers are invasive.

4. Telefonophobia: fear of phones

This is not a fear of the phone itself, rather it is the fear to receive and answer calls. It is similar to the fear of public speaking. Some people are intimidated or feel nervous to hear that it sounds and will avoid answering at all costs.

If you receive calls from these two numbers, don’t answer, is a fraud!

The telefonofobia is related to the social anxiety, as the fear to look silly or ridiculous.

If ever you answer the call and you prefer to write messages can be even to get this phobia.

5. Selfiefobia: afraid to take a selfie

There are many reasons that people are afraid of selfies. Many might not feel photogenic or attractive, and the insecurity makes them feel anxious. Others may disown and see as an act superficial fact to draw attention.

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