Facebook lets you tag the hoaxes because it gave them more visibility

Facebook has informed through a press release of this change in his strategy for the fight against fake news and hoaxes spread through its News section. The tag removed, which consisted of a triangular icon that resembles a traffic sign of warning, was implemented in December 2016 and was used to identify news stories that were listed as questionable on the part of agencies independent.

The company has admitted that this label managed to “the opposite effect” it was meant to, as that had led to a greater visibility of the articles is doubtful that showed between certain users.

So, were the alerts to a possible hoax. | Facebook

Instead, Facebook has opted to introduce into its News Feed a greater number of articles contrasting and related accompanying those contents identified as potential false news reports, to give a more informative context to the user.

In a research, the social network has determined that to provide news contrasted along with these hoaxes, although not successful in reducing the number of clicks, nor your credibility, the amount of times that the ‘fake’ is shared decreases.

Facebook, which had previously undertaken a number of initiatives against the false news, has also secured collaboration with independent organizations to check, and their strategy of downgrading in the News Feed the potential hoaxes have achieved an 80% reduction in traffic to these content.

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