Facebook Messenger already allows you to send images in 360 degrees, and HD videos

With the rise of social networking and instant messaging applications it is important to have at hand a handful of tools and useful features that go beyond just communicate. Recently, Facebook released a small update to your app Messenger with the aim of users can use it as a resource for sharing videos and images.

Roughly, the users will be able to send video with resolution 720p (HD); however, if you open the camera directly from Messenger, the quality will be lower. To be able to share videos with high definition, users will need to choose the file directly from your gallery or camera roll.

On the other hand, the messaging application of Facebook will also accept users to send images in 360 degrees, although, in the same way, it will not be possible to capture photographs of this style through the camera set Messenger.

So is the new Facebook Messenger for children

Facebook is working on this update with the pretext that there are already almost all smartphones that have the possibility of recording in HD resolution, so it is important that through Messenger can be shared this type of formats without any problem.

For some users, the update was automatic, but if you consider it relevant to check, you can get this new version of Messenger through this link. According to the platform, identify a file of this nature will be simple as it will appear the icon of a compass in the top right of the photographs in 360 degrees, or in the HD videos.

If Messenger wants to be updated to improve the experience of users, there will also be the chance and change the quality of video in case you don’t require sending it in 720p.

The update of photos in 360 degrees is available all over the world both for Android as iOS. However, the possibility of sharing videos in HD only the will of some countries like Canada, Australia, Frances, Hong Kong, among others. In Mexico it is not yet possible (it is likely that in the near future to expand to global level.)

Facebook will ask for a official identification to verify your account in Mexico

Do you look useful these features of Facebook Messenger?

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