Facebook could soon launch two speakers smart

Technology trends have been tilted by innovations in the Internet of Things, from smart appliances, to speakers, and virtual assistants. Many companies are already positioned in this sector; however, it seems that Facebook does not want to sit idly by and plans to dabble in the same field with the launch of two speakers smart.

The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg want to go beyond the software to continue with hardware; although it would not be its first experiment, but we know that the company does not stand out precisely because of that. For the moment, everything is a rumor, but if true, Facebook would be competing with companies of international renown such as Amazon, Apple or Google.

As was announced by the portal DigiTimes, which ensures that the two horns of Facebook would be by name Fiona and Aloha and integrated 15 inch touch screen. Of both speakers, one would be high-end and you may also have facial recognition, a voice controller of high technology and front camera with a wide angle lens.

Options speaker customizable and water-resistant

It should be noted that in addition to its basic functions of virtual assistance, the speakers would talk through video calls and use social networks. In addition, there would be a folder with a variety of music courtesy of Sony Music and Universal Music.

The speakers would be primarily focused on the use of family so that all members can be constantly interacting and, being a development driven by the social network, the conversations with video could be the main point in the loudspeakers smart.

By the time the official announcement for this product was planned for may, but the date could be postponed until July.

Spotify also wants to be a part of this sector

One of the platforms and music streaming more popular, it also wants to be part of the competition with speakers smart. For the first time in the history of the company, Spotify wants to have their own products to attract users with the benefits of its application.

Through a few job offers, the service announced that it was looking for someone responsible for operations, the other in production of hardware and other engineering. Yet it does not specify many details about it, but everything seems to indicate that his new physical product would be focused on the optimization of the user experience with the streaming services, just as it did Apple with HomePod , and its platform of Apple Music.

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Do you think that both companies are ready to compete with Amazon, Apple or Google?

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