Facebook already allow you to interact with images in 3D

The evolution of Facebook has advanced greatly and what we have experienced with constant updates, their next forays in the field of hardware, among other aspects of great importance; and it is not surprising if we think about that is the social network most used worldwide.

Now, it seems to be that the platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg want to go a step further to allow users ‘ interaction with 3D images. Publications 3D support the format of file gIFT 2.0 standard of the industry to be able to add textures, lighting, and other elements that could help shape a more realistic version of things.

In this way, the social network could help developers to create 3D modeling applications and even facilitate the users to use their cameras with 3D format to be able to share their creations directly to the social network.

Taking advantage of this update that the developers of Facebook have been perfecting, Sony Mobile announced that all users will be able to publish their scanned images in 3D directly into their biographies through the update app 3D Creator which is exclusive to Xperia.

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Another point to note is that with this update, users will be able to take the publications in 3D and bring them to the platform VR of the social network, Facebook Spaces.

At the moment, only users who own Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XZ Premium will be able to use this resource of 3D images.

The Creative Director of Virtual Reality on Facebook commented as follows:

“We’re trying to make the 3D be a native part of the ecosystem of Facebook. Stage three is to make these three-dimensional objects from entering the augmented reality.”

Companies such as LEGO and Clash of Clans have already experimented with this new tool. You can experiment with the following example.

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