Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, a perfect choice to watch Amazon Prime Video on tv (Video)

When Google launched the Chromecast back in 2013 was a small revolution for our televisions. Since there was no need to have a Smart TV or that the tv was plugged in to the internet or to use a user interface uncomfortable from a remote control and a mouthful to be able to watch Netflix and other similar services. For about 30 euros, we could use our mobile phone to send comfortably content to the tv. Naturally, the competition could not be left behind, and did not. I present to you the latest, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition.

We first go to open it to see how it is. We have what is the stick itself, which connects to an HDMI port of the television. There is also a microUSB cable and a charger, because unlike Chromecast, this device requires too much energy as to which will be provided by the USB ports of the television. And perhaps what is more remarkable, because it already gives us clues of the main difference with the Google device, this is remote control, which we will now see in operation.

The installation is simple. Connects to a HDMI port and plug the microUSB port. Then we have to put the key to our wifi, which is heavier without a doubt of the whole process because you have to do it as with the teles, navigating with the remote control through the letters and pressing when we want to write a. But once connected to the internet already configured it only with your account on Amazon and displays its initial screen. And here is where we see the difference of concept between the skewer and Google it. Chromecast left in the hands of the mobile apps navigation, limited to view that from the mobile signal is given. Fire TV Stick has an interface itself, and the apps must be adapted to be viewed on screen. It is, in short, as a Smart TV. We will have to install Netflix, Plex, Youtube, etc on your Fire TV and, as it happens with other Smart TV, maybe let’s take missing apps such as HBO, Rakuten, or the new FlixOlé of Enrique Cerezo.

Something to note is that naturally, the interface gives priority to the production of Amazon Prime Video. In the initial screen we will have up some highlights, most of which are from Amazon, then the apps that we have installed, then the content that we are seeing on Amazon, then Amazon recommends, series, movies, etc and later as apps and games that we can download. And yes, you can play with this thing. They even sell a specific controller apart. But don’t just take the taste, at least using the remote control. It works with simple games to manage as the solo or some version of Flappy Birds that requires no more than to give a button. I think that if you want to play more seriously you have consoles or to the pc, and if you’re not going to use the mobile so I don’t see the market niche that wants to take this.

The apps work well, they tend to be loaded with relative speed and the video streaming goes very fast, although it does not support 4K for those who have a tv of that resolution. The use of mobile or remote is a matter of taste, although there will always be who likes both oysters and the snails. The device costs 60 euros, which is quite expensive, but almost all over the world that buy have Amazon Prime, and then is lowered to 40, which is already more reasonable.

At the end, possibly, it all depends on what services you want to use it. If we are Netflix and HBO, the better the Chromecast; if you prefer Amazon and Netflix, as the Fire TV. And if we want three we will need both or a television from Samsung, which are the only ones with support for all those services and that account on top of that with an app from the Libertad Digital TV.

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