Firefox Reality is a browser for vr-goggles

Mozilla releases a new browser under the name Firefox Reality. This is intended specifically for owners of a virtual reality-glasses, including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Firefox Reality shows ‘flat’ web sites on a virtual screen in a 3D environment. The home page is in the sign of fun vr experiences and games to try out.

Further, you are free to get online to surf as you always do, but without your vr-glasses off. Useful is that this also works via voice commands, so that you are not in virtual reality have to type it in. That is often quite awkward.

In development

This first version of the browser is still missing some features, such as creating bookmarks. Also, there is still no support for 360-degree videos, and yet it is in virtual reality to their right. A icognitomodus is present.

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