Functions that should arrive soon on WhatsApp

Today Google announced its new service of instant messaging to companies known as Hangouts, Chats, a couple of weeks ago Telegram launched a new experimental version of its service, which it named as Telegram X with the excuse that your application was already much more advanced than others and wanted to continue to have competition in the market that encouraged to continue to develop more and more functions.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is one of the companies that typically announce what’s new and release them months after the presents, something quite unusual in other companies, in addition, the company Mark Zuckerberg takes a long time to implement features that we see in other apps-messaging, or even of their applications sisters such as Facebook or Instagram.

For this reason, we have compiled the 5 features that WhatsApp should add in the future because we see in other messaging applications, or social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

Warn when doing a screen capture

Most of us liked the announcement of Instagram, about the new feature that notifies users when someone makes a screenshot of our Stories, so this is one of the functions in the that should be working the developers of WhatsApp right now.

It’s official! WhatsApp display advertising

We’ve all made a screenshot of a chat of WhatsApp, either to highlight a fact, to emphasize an event, or simply to have evidence of what was mentioned in the conversation in case the other user delete it, so it is important that others keep in mind this event, especially because there are times where we share sensitive information that we would not like to be shared with other people, this way at least we would know that someone could share this information with someone else.


Sign out from another device

If you have any lost or stolen cell phone, surely one of your concerns is that access to your conversations from WhatsApp, the problem is that in order to regain control of your account you must log on from another phone, so you necessarily need to have recovered your phone number in a new chip, otherwise your session will be open on the computer that you no longer have.

In other applications such as Telegram can sign out from other devices or sessions that are initiated, this way we can avoid any access to our conversations from another computer.

This is another feature that we took time waiting on the application, and that could well be deployed from services such as WhatsApp Web, although to do this the company should enable the login on multiple devices simultaneously, and in theory is something that does not make for security issues and the famous encryption of point-to-point.

Here you can close any open session of a Telegram in another device.

Show the music that we are listening to

Do you remember the Microsoft Messenger? This messaging service, you could display the music you were listening to with the purpose of making it more social. And is that the latest movements on Facebook have been shown as they want to make Instagram an application that works as an alternative to the instant messaging applications, in fact, have brought out a standalone application called Direct that is available in some markets.

There’s a new function to the groups of WhatsApp

And if the purpose of Mark Zuckerberg is to make the social networking tools of communication with instant messaging features, then why not do more social to those that are already messaging applications?

A while ago, WhatsApp has returned to the States, a feature copied from Instagram, and even find it also in Facebook, but despite the fact that these States are not so successful, the company should try to functions more social as the show the music that we are listening to, because at least this was one of the additions that were part of the identity of the Messenger.

WhatsApp Pay

Recently WhatsApp introduced in India WhatsApp Payments, a function with which we can send and receive money through the application of WhatsApp, as happens when we make a bank transfer from our bank. This means that with WhatsApp Payment the money we send or receive goes straight to our bank account, but that was it.

And is that with the popularity of this service, and with over 150 million active users, WhatsApp should launch its own service of mobile payments as we see with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

And is that the boom that they are having this kind of alternatives might be a good opportunity for WhatsApp to launch its own service, so that not only we could send or receive money, but also we could pay in all the establishments with WhatsApp and our phone.

In this way we would not be saddled with our portfolio, cash, or credit or debit card, you only would need to open the app WhatsApp and bring our phone to the point of sale terminal.

These are some of the characteristics that we hope to launch in the near future, although it is likely that some of these features may never come, or take a long time to be submitted.

Comments what role you would like the WhatsApp integration coming soon

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