Win up to 1 million pesos with the community, digital Pickwin for Russia 2018

What has happened to you that you want to set up your betting pool to give more excitement to the World but it is a martyrdom to organize friends to achieve it? Moreover, it requires investment of several hours to make your excel, and to put the results and then you have to update the table of participants and to report and deal with the disputes and collecting payments and etc etc etc, Many are discouraged, but for all those who love to add even more excitement to the football, we have excellent news for you because just the birth of a new era for the pools.

Russia 2018 will be the World’s most technological of the story and these are the main innovations

It’s called Pickwin and it is just a site specialized in pools that offers a digital tool in which you will take just a few minutes to do your betting community world cup to Russia in 2018, entirely independent and with updates results in real time online, with the lure of competing for a purse of 3 million pesos (1 million pesos for the winner and 2 million pesos to be split among the 10% of the more hit they have.

But you will have to hurry, because the possibility of participating in the community of Russia 2018 closed until 5 minutes before the duel opening between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Get started with Pickwin is a snap. Just go to the site, register to open an account (only asks for name, e-mail and the possibility that you have your own nickname, or even register with your account of Facebook), and then select the section of “World Russia 2018”. There the thing is super easy.

How to see the World cup of Russia 2018 the Internet

The website betting world cup Pickwin has modules installed for you to put your outcome (you just have to put local, a draw or a visit) in every game and without markers; you must also select the criteria of tie-breaker: Goals scored total in the World cup, Goals total made by the champion of the World and Goals Total Made by the Sub-Champion in the World.

Ready, you can start to live the emotion of your forecasts. The wonder is that Pickwin allows you to change your final result for up to 5 minutes before each match, so if you change your mind no problem. If not, you can determine the result, the system will assign the result to the local automatically. Every correct answer gives a point.

The cherry on the cake: The Lobbe of Community

This function of the predictor fifa world cup ™ Pickwin is the jewel in the crown. It is a page where you can track in real time how it goes the table of the holdings and how you are going to you, and also have a chat to interact with your rivals and raise questions directly to the administrators of the community. So you don’t have doubts and you’ll be able to throb with the excitement of each encounter. Simply perfect.

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