Face recognition in Chinese schools caught lazy students

Chinese classrooms with special cameras, equipped, that of face recognition. That way, teachers can the behavior of their students better in the holes.

Writes the site SupChina today on the basis of Chinese news sources. Preliminary terms of the a test at a high school in Hangzhou, where there are now in every classroom so the camera hangs. That note not only facial expression, but also on the posture of the body. As is charted or students to be aware of.

According to the head teacher, the system can also be used to make lessons more enjoyable. When teachers notice that students are massively bored during the explanation of certain curriculum, then they can find their approach to change. Gezichstherkenning is also used to keep track of which students are present, and which do come late. Or not show up.

Social credit system

Chinese students could already get used to face recognition, when the technique during the exams used. This enabled examiners to better see if there gespiekt was. The technology will appear in China in more and more places, and is regularly linked to the social credit system of the country. Committed residents, for example, a traffic violation, then they get a penalty.

They gather too many points, then they come on the black list. From that moment on, the life in China a stitch more complicated. They can include not loan any more, a home to rent or buy, or plane trips. From 2020, the system must be complete to be rolled out, and face detection is there an ever larger role to play.

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