Google Coach could be your next personal trainer with artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence is taking an important prominence in the products of several companies, especially Google, which is one of the companies that more progress has been shown in this field, and has applied it in many of their products that exist today, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, etc

The next big product with artificial intelligence Google could come in October, maybe with the new family of devices from Google, among which is the assumption Pixel Watch. And is that the company seems that it will launch a new personal trainer powered by AI.

According to the leaked information, Google Coach will be able to manage the entire information food to recommend you the food you should eat, recipes that you can prepare, and even if you’re in the supermarket might be able to recommend a shopping list that you will need for the week.

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Likewise, the app will recommend exercises and daily routines that you must follow to be healthy, and in the event that any day or days not do exercise, then the application will reset your routine with other physical routines so you don’t lose the rhythm.

As already mentioned, this service appears that it will reach first the Pixel Watch and then to other devices with Wear OS, although everything indicates that it will be a product multi-device, that is to say, will also be available on Android and even Android TV.

Beyond this have not been given many details of Google Coach, because as I mentioned Google has not explained details about this product, and the source has been able to access information that currently can be classified only as a rumor. and Partners.

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