Google undertakes the clean of Apps most severe of its history

Google got serious with the Play Store and several Apps could be out of circulation after the company Mountain View announced an update of its policy for developers published this week, as reported by Techcrunch.

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After having several problems with mining applications or propagadoras of malware, Google is undertaking a clean-up that could affect tens of thousands of applications. The pass list is targeted to those apps that put children at risk, which serve to sell firearms and accessories, which are made with mock-ups or who use automated tools to build them.

Also placed particular emphasis on the removal of apps mining for criptomonedas or bitcoins.

The topic could be controversial in the case of the applications made with automated tools because one side would leave out close to thousands of apps that are spam, but on the other hand it would deprive small businesses of having an app to promote their business and get more customers.

However, the extent of the Google Play Store you could see it coming after that several companies of cyber security began to publish lists frequent with apps malicious for Android, leaving several doubts on the security of the platform. and Partners.

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