How Google leaked the design of the Pixel 3 in the beta of Android P?

One of the phones most anticipated of the year is the Google Pixel 3, that with all that you have presented manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei, it is expected that Google may introduce a phone with a camera much more advanced, in addition that solves some of the problems of the Pixel 2 as was the screen.

Up to now we know few things of the Pixel 3, but due to missing only 5 months to the date of filing is a matter of time for it to begin to filter information and images on the phone, and a picture that explains how the gestures in Android Q could be the first clue of the design of the Pixel 3.

Google loves putting Easter Eggs or Easter Eggs where you can, why not we be surprised that what you have done with the design of the Pixel 3, and it is in the picture above we can see a phone with display “borderless” or “edge-to-edge” with a front very well taken advantage of, in fact also not is can see the classic front speakers that you love to Google.

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However, we must not forget that Google is working on a technology that allows you to include the speakers below the screen, this way can be better to the front taking advantage of the space occupied by such components, for which reason some users claim that this image refers to the Google Pixel 3.

Personally, it seems to me that it is not the Google Pixel 3, say, could be a design very similar, but in comparison to what we have seen in other manufacturers, on this phone it seems that there is no room for the light sensors and proximity, as well as the front camera, which until today no manufacturer has managed to include them under the screen, but it is expected to achieve this purpose between 2019 and 2020.

It is also a reality that the design should be almost finished, soon it should start the production phase of the equipment, especially if the company plans to release in more countries (which could be Mexico).

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We must clarify that the discussion on this design has excelled in various Internet forums, so that the information does not come directly from a leaker important as Evan Blass, Roland Quandt or Benjamin Geskin, however, I find it interesting to know what you think about the phone shown in the images that explain some new features of Android P.

Photography: Gear Patrol

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