Google Home already understands Spanish and is enabled in Mexico

Several reports in Spain confirm that Google Assistant is already understood and is also fluent in Spanish for Google Home. The new feature is part of a new update made by the manufacturer and has confirmed that this feature is already available for the power Google Home in Mexico.

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According to several users on Twitter, the function in English of the Google Assistant, still makes mistakes, but it is the start to begin with use Google Home in Spanish for Spain and the Latin american region, where it will arrive at some point in 2018, as confirmed by Google at I/O this year.

With this development, Google becomes the first provider that has a speaker, intelligent with Spanish-speaking and adds to his personal assistant in the race for the conquest of the profitable castile region and its millions and millions of avid consumers. The personal assistant Google now speaks Spanish on mobile devices.

To activate the function in Spanish it is necessary to go to “Settings” and then to the settings of “Wizard of Google”. Once there, look for the part of “Devices” and find the Google Home selected by the name assigned. Hence we chose the option of “Wizard Language” and there are already three default options for Spanish: Mexico, Spain, and the united States. Finally choose the one that you arrange or you want to explore.

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