Google gives Motorola exclusive features of the Pixel

Despite the fact that Motorola no longer is a company of Google from several years ago, the company from Mountain View is spoiling a bit of the now brand of Lenovo, as several of the recent models of Motorola will get exclusive features of the Pixel, the smartphones Google.

How is that possible? Since we don’t know, but it is certainly an excellent news for the users that opt for the brand, especially in Latin america, which is a market where Motorola has a major presence.

What unique features come to the Motorola?

This is photographic functions such as Top Shot and Depth editing, in addition to the already announced Live Albums, which will be available in most Android models, although it is likely to arrive first for users with a Motorola.

Motorola One

Live Albums

This is a new feature of Google Photos on the which is automatically added new photographs of the person or pet they choose, thanks to the artificial intelligence of Google.

With this feature Google wants you have organized your photos, and as I mentioned, this feature is already available in the Google Pixel, some Motorola, and will come to more Android smartphones.

Google Photos evolves and stops being just an application

Top Shot

One of the things that we liked from the Pixel 3 was Top Shot, a function that by means of the artificial intelligence selects the best photographs if you took that many pictures of the same time. It is clear that in the Pixel 3 operates in automatic, but in the Motorola it is done through Google Photos, this way the AI from Google will recommend you the best picture taken on your phone.

Depth editing

This is nothing more than the software with which you can edit your photos in portrait or bokeh effect after taking them, this function also will be done through Google Photos, and even the image will be improved with the AI of Google.

What computers are compatible with these new Google features?

The Motorola that will be able to enjoy these new functions in Mexico are:

  • Bike G5s Plus.
  • Moto G6.
  • Moto G6 Plus.
  • Bike Z2 Force.
  • Moto X4.
  • Motorola One.
  • Motorola Z3 Play.

Likewise, Motorola indicates that they are already available the above-mentioned functions in such equipment. and Partners.

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