Google improves the screen shots in Android

Screenshots are one of the tools that we use in a smartphone, and it is precisely for this reason that some manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or LG have already implemented improvements to give greater utility to this popular option, and now Google has been the following to improve the screen shots.

We all know how to take a screenshot in Android, to do this simply press the lock button and volume down at the same time. After that we can share it, or edit it, but as already mentioned, in some phones this option does not appear in the system, and so it is in the case of Android pure, but Google already has a “solution” to it.

I should make clear that, for now, the tool that allows us to edit a screenshot in Android is in Beta, and only works within the app from Google, however, I do not doubt that it is a small sample of one of the new features of Android P, which could be presented in May during the editing 2018 of Google I/O.

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How to use the new Google tool to edit screenshots?

The first thing we need to do is to subscribe to the Beta version of the app Google, to do this go to the following link with your Google account and agree to subscribe to the program Verifiers.

Once this process waits for the download of the latest Beta version, which is already included this new tool. After that the only thing you have to do is open the application and go to Settings or Settings > Accounts and privacy> Edit and share screenshots.

Activar captura de pantalla en Google App

After enabling this option, now that remains to be done is to make a capture of screen to bring up the option to edit it.

Google App

The two things that we can do for now are to cut it out, or write something on it with a range of 7 different colours, but it is likely that later on, you have some added extra, such as for example the screen capture option long.

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edicion de capturas de pantalla en Google App

Remember that this option is currently only possible to use it inside the application of Google, so that you will not be able to do the same with screenshots in other applications.

We will see that updates come to Android P this year, but I would bet that the editing of screenshots is one of them.

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