Google lowers the price of its storage service in the cloud and it’s called Google One

Google has announced the creation of Google One, a new name for the plans of payment for your service of remote storage of files Drive. The new offer leaves untouched some of their plans, such as the input of 1.99€ per month for 100GB, but that includes new ones and doubling the capacity of the plan is 1 TB for the same price.

The storage platform unified Google includes the space used by Gmail, Google Drive, and the high quality photos stored in Google Photos, because the lower quality is stored for free in the cloud of the company of Mountain View. The payment plans of the current users will be updated “in the coming months,” as explained by Google in a press release this Monday.

Well, Google One will offer a new plan of 200 GB for 2,99€ and another 2 TB for $ 9.99 per month, which is what you paid up to now for half the storage. The current plans of 1 TB in Google Drive will be automatically of 2 TB without any additional cost. All other plans maintained their current price, up to 299,99€ that cost 30 TB a month.

The margin of new storage plans, how do you justify Google the name change of the service? Well, apparently it will offer support to its customers to solve technical problems and will share the space paid for with up to five people.

Google One maintains the same operation present in the system of the paid version of Drive both to store files and to share them with other users and can be shared with other members of the family. It also offers credits through Google Play store and discounts on hotels through the Search engine of Google.

The introduction of Google One will only affect paying customers of Drive, not to the free users of Google tools nor the customers of G Suite, its payment platform for businesses. Google will introduce the new service first in the united States and will extend it to the rest of the countries gradually, “in a few months”, before the end of 2018, according to has assured in the statement, Pavni Diwanji, vice president of the u.s. company.

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