Google stops selling Pixel C-tablet

Google has stopped the sale of its Pixel C tablet. The focus of the company is now on its successor, the new Pixelbook.

The Pixel C tablet launched in 2015 in the Netherlands and had a starting price of 499 euro. At the time it was an Android tablet with fast specifications and luxurious finish. The device was supplied with a detachable keyboard.

Recently, the Android 8.0 upgrade released for the Pixel C, but it does now. Users get the next time security updates, but no newer Android versions.

Do you want to know more about this tablet, read the Pixel C-review of our Computer!Total-colleagues again.


Google shifts its attention to the new Pixelbook, which is not yet for sale in the Netherlands. This is not a Android tablet but a Chromebook, which runs on Chrome OS. The suggested retail price is at least $ 1000.

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