Google gives you access to the cell phone of your children with this application

The safety in the navigation of the Internet is paramount in a time where information is constant and ephemeral. Through mobile devices, we can access all kinds of content, which has generated a lot of debate about the use of minors in their mobile devices.

Given the concern of Google for providing a tool that will help parents to regulate the amount of time your children spend on the Internet and on their mobile devices, recently launched a new application called “Family Link”, whose objective is to maintain the safety and integrity of the smallest.

How does it work?

If your child has a smartphone Android, you can control and monitor all the content they consume; from Google searches, to apps or mobile games. With Family Link, you can create a Google account to set certain rules in your navigation.

Taking your profile, the child will be able to access the vast ecosystem that Google has, but with some limitations regulated by the thematic content. Parents should install Family Link in their own devices (no matter if it is Android or iOS) , create an account for the small and use the same in the device of the child in question.

This is how you can create a profile safe for children on Android

What might help Family Link?

85 percent of children, do not confess to their parents have seen violent content or pornographic in nature, for fear that I removed the device forever, thus, the application will keep the insurance to the parents by giving them the possibility of monitoring the time children spend with each application.

Through Family Link, parents can observe how much time they spend playing children. For example, if the child lives in the Pokémon GO, the father will have the possibility to hide the application in a certain length so you don’t waste much time and approach to meet other responsibilities.

In turn, if the child wants to install an app from the Google Play Store, it will not be possible unless the parent authorizes it.

If parents feel that their children spend a lot of time with the cell, there will be the possibility to lock your device for hours, a useful feature if a child’s sleep is disturbed by invest so much time in the smartphone.

That is to say, if the father or mother of a family you want your child to sleep early without distractions, could block the cell during the night, precluding its use, although, it should be noted, that it will still be the opportunity to make emergency calls.

Is it wrong for a child to use a smartphone?

What all inappropriate content is blocked?

No, Google is not blocking everything, but the engines in the search engine already have a load of filtered, just like Google Chrome and the apps available through the Play Store. However, everything else will be under the criteria of the parents as they deem appropriate. For example, an application that is considered for adults, it will be hidden by default.

To download the application, it is important to have an Android version 6 or higher. Family Link is already available for Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

Do you consider that the application will be a great help to regulate the use of smartphones in the minors?

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