Large leak detected in keyboard app Ai.type

Who is the keyboard app Ai.type used, will do well to are passwords to change. By a leak of layers of millions of personal data on the street.

Security researchers from the Kromtech Security Center discovered online a publicly available, unencrypted database, with 577 GB of collected data from 31 million Ai.type users.

That info was not limited to usernames and passwords, but also phone numbers and address books, serial numbers and location data, search terms in search engines, ip addresses and more sensitive information. In the free version was more data collected than with the paid version, presumably with the purpose of advertisers.

Android Only

‘Only’ the data of Android users were insightful. The app is also available for iOS, but that data has not been found in the leak.It is unknown if this information was misused by attackers. The developers of AI.the data type of the database now, but encrypted.

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