For 98 years arose the first meme of the story… have they met it?

If there is something that makes us completely happy is to have the possibility of sharing memes through the Internet, whether on social networks, applications or any other platform. The birth of memes, arises from a context of political, social or cultural, at times, becomes critical in certain situations (although not always constructive).

However, there are those who have the mistaken belief that the memes began to exist at the root of the advent of the Internet, but a drawing of July, 1921 can we shut the fuck up forever.

Through an interesting satirical magazine called “Judge,” was published a image with two drawings to see them, we can appreciate that little far from what is a meme now. How is the image? On the left side there is a drawing of a man with a look seemingly normal and sophisticated, while the right side appears the same, but as if it were a doodle.

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The odd thing is that along with the picture you can see a legend that states the following: “So it’s like you think that sales at a photography/this is how you actually go”. Do you sounds like something? Sure they do… all the images that we see on the Internet, and aim to make fun of fun of even the simplest situations and uninspiring.

You can see the funny drawing below.

Why might have emerged this joke? In those times, cameras used flashguns very powerful with light bulbs that burned out the light. The light could be so blinding that it was that, on occasions, to those who laid them deslumbrara for a moment, the bright lighting, leaving the eyes as “plates”, as described in the comic drawing.

This drawing has become something completely viral, but has also caused that we no longer feel as unique. Apparently we are not as original as we thought.

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Have you ever had to think about what would have been the first meme of the story?

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