A year ago, these twins extraordinary became an Internet sensation. Look at how they look now

In 2017, a lot of people spoke of Lara and Mara Bawar: the photo shoot of the twin albino became viral. It is not surprising, because they managed to show the true variety of beauty and demonstrate that our quirks are our gift. The girls are still a news. Unlike many shooting stars, they were in the world of fashion for a long time, and recently surprised his fans with some pictures truly colorful.

In Great.guru long ago that we subscribe to the Instagram of Lara, Mara and Sheila. Look at what they have again.

The photo shoot that brought so much fame to Lara and Mara are called “rare Flowers”. The birth of twin albino really is a rare case: according to the statistics, the probability that a child will be born albino is 1:17000.

These girls were born in a common family, but thanks to the photographer Vinicius Terranova, the whole world knew of them.

Now, Lara, Mara and Sheila work together with Nike, Moschino, and Bazaar Kids. Recently, the brand Malaville launched a few dolls with the appearance of the sisters for that little girls have a choice: play with Barbie or Lara, Mara and Sheila.

Even in the modern world that appears to be ready to recognize that we are all different, but that is just what it is that makes us beautiful, albinos continue to discriminate against. The situation becomes worse in african countries, where people with this genetic disease are considered cursed and are often used for rituals.

Lara and Mara back to the topic of albinism less taboo, and that is why your mission is so important.

The albinos have to deal with the phobia to light and visual acuity decadent. That’s why, often, until a flash photo is a real heroic act for these people. In the majority of the photos, Lara and Mara have their eyes closed, which makes these images even more subtle and evocative.

Despite his young age (now the twins are 12 years old), they inspire many people. Each new photo of the girls is a new test of faith is in itself what makes a person beautiful.

“The variety is something so beautiful that we don’t even want to think of a world where everything is equal,” write the sisters Bawar on your Instagram.

We have No doubt that it is only the beginning of your story and the sisters, we will surprise you many times over with his bravery.

His career in the world of fashion hypnotizes because Lara, Mara and Sheila Bawar not only are girls of tender that were turned into models, but an example to follow for millions of small that are afraid to be themselves.

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