Have been revealed 2 dishes that are safe to eat aboard a plane

It is inconceivable why people, to get on a train, begins to eat almost immediately, because few have long trips on train now. Instead, it is entirely understandable why the shopping cart with food is as expected for the aircraft: it takes quite some time to get to the airport early, pass the control of customs and all the paperwork. Enough time to get hungry.

Great.guru discovered why the food on board a plane is not as tasty as one could expect, and what is recommended to drink during a flight.

Do only 2 dishes?

The director of the section culinary chefs air of the Basin of the Pacific Fritz Gross (he does know of food, “air”) advised passengers to drink water or juice packaging, and also eat rice and beef.


Fritz Gross said in the interview he gave to CNN that only the rice and the beef may be reheated several times without losing its flavor or properties. The other dishes (pasta, chicken, fish) or lost their appeal at the stage of cooking in terms of aircraft or useful properties after being reheated several times.

What happens with the drinks?

Not recommended to take hot drinks on board an aircraft. This is because it is difficult to clean containers with hot water on a plane, by which they do only once in a while. According to Fritz Gross, very, very occasionally.

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