Help Horse Reality at a rapid gameserver

Since 2012 works Deloryan Hommers in an online simulation game that allows anyone to horses can breed, train and trade: Horse Reality. But now she has really a faster server is needed, and you can be a help.

To march 3, running the Kickstarter campaign for Horse Reality, which Hommers five thousand euros want to collect to one year long a fast game server to be able to hire. Hommers: “That is really needed to keep the game nice and fast to run.” From 2 euro, you can Horse Reality support.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign get in return for their support, nice extras, such as extra points to horses to buy. That they can use as soon as the Horse Reality in October of 2018 officially goes live. Now the game is still in beta, but already free-to-play in the browser.

Horses, breeding, training and trading

Who signs up for free for Horse Reality, given an initial budget to horses to buy for the stables on his or her estate. Hommers: “That can be on one of the horse market (nl), but you can also make a ticket purchase for one of the wildlife parks. There you can own a horse try to catch.”

To the care of your horses to pay, you need to find a job. You start with stables mucking out at the stables and in the meantime you can save for a study. After the study, you can you services as a farrier, horse trainer, veterinarian, scientist, or farmer. You can also breed with horses from your own stables.

You can have training schedules set up for your horses, they are inspected and races away. In addition, they must of course be well looked after, and also sometimes to the vet. Hommers: “I strive to keep all details accurate. The game is now so extensive, that a number of enthusiastic users a Horse Reality wiki has written. There are now worldwide 12000 users of the game, of which 3000 in the Netherlands.”

Realistic genetic mix

The idea for the game got Hommers for more than ten years ago. “From my seventh I will ride horse. A horse was too expensive and that’s why I went looking online paardengames. That there were indeed, but especially for twelve-year-old girls. There were unicorns in around and you could there are horses to pet. It was all little to do with the reality that I knew of the horse of my uncle.”

Within the chat of one of those games met Hommers a leeftijdgenootje, Tamara van den Berg. It clicked, and together we began to fantasize about developing a realistic simulation game. When Hommers in his twenties started to study media technology, she decided their dream come true.

Also Van den Berg played an important role in the development of the game: “She is a biologist and know all about the genetic inheritance of colors and patterns. When your mares and stallions in breeding, the foals in Horse Reality, therefore, a realistic genetic mix. Not only their appearance right, also their strength, speed and marketing is a correct blend of the instance of their parents.”

250 breeds of horses

Hommers now has a job, but is from spring full-time on the further development of Horse Reality collapse within Studio Deloryan. “There are now eighteen horse breeds in the game, but worldwide there are more than 250. I would like to add. Also I would like more equestrian part with corresponding matches to add.”

Horse Reality is now running only in the browser, but in the future there are also mobile versions to come. Hopes Hommers also to be able to live of the income from the game. “That is in principle free, but if users, for example, a beautiful background or want to more than fifty stalls, they do have to pay.”

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