We have compared what fast food can you buy with €10 in different countries of the world

It seems that the menus in the restaurants of fast food should cost the same all over the world. Because in your beloved Mcdonald’s, whether in China or in Russia, you serve almost the same. But, strange as that may seem, it is not so. The prices from country to country can change, and do so very remarkable.

In Great.guru we investigate what you can buy with $ 10 in fast food chains more famous, so that you know what to be bound by during your travels. We have attempted to select a set of dishes similar, but we add a little local touch.


Russia is among those countries where Mcdonald’s and KFC are the most accessible and with this money they could feed two people. So if you are planning to travel to the World of football, you already know what is waiting for you.

According to The Economist, similar prices exist in Indonesia, Vietnam and Poland. In contrast, Starbucks is not so cheap and is almost at the level of the U.S.


The similar prices are in the restaurants of Israel, Canada and Finland.

Switzerland: Mcdonald’s and Starbucks more expensive

Mcdonald’s and Starbucks in Switzerland are the most expensive. But the same level they have these restaurants in Norway and Sweden. By the way, don’t have KFC.


In Spain, as in Germany, France and most european countries, Mcdonald’s is not so cheap.

Great Britain

Mcdonald s Great Britain the prices are medium. A level of prices similar are these restaurants in Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Japan, Czech Republic, Singapore and Greece. In prices of coffee at Starbucks, this country is like China, India, Japan, Greece and Australia.

Brazil: Starbucks more accessible

Brazil is a country of contrasts. The prices of Mcdonald’s are some of the most high. KFC costs less, there you can eat a sandwich crazy Big Crunch (as in the picture). But instead, Starbucks is the cheapest in the world.


In Turkey the prices are uniform. The prices of Mcdonald’s and KFC are among the lowest in the world, to the level of Hungary, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Mexico and Poland. Also a latte at Starbucks has a cost quite affordable, almost as in Argentina, Chile, and Canada.

Hong Kong (China)

According to the magazine The Economist, which for 30 years has published the “Big Mac index”, this burger in Hong Kong is one of the most accessible. But in general, you will not be able to buy much with £ 10 here. Also other fast food chains come out quite expensive.

Egypt: Mcdonald’s and KFC cheaper

Mcdonald’s Egypt is the most economic of the world and with 10 euros you could eat two persons. The same prices you would find in Ukraine, Malaysia, south Africa and Taiwan.

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