We have discovered what professions will be unnecessary in 20 years

We live in a world that is developing quickly. A short time ago, we were pleased by the appearance of the first mobile phones and now our device can do it all. The technology simplifies life. But the majority have a fear that the robots do too many things in the future and… what will you do humans?

Great.guru will get to know professions that according to the forecast of the scientists will be able to go away or be amended significantly in the next 20 or 30 years. Don’t panic, read article up to the end and think about how you can develop your career.


The relationship to education is changing abruptly. Now you can learn almost anything where you want it, the process of learning has become more individualized and the curriculum has a greater volume. The new methods of teaching with the use of icts are also gaining ground. That is why instead of the teachers usual arrive in such professions as the coordinator of education of online platforms, guardian , and programmer. Good teachers will always be treated with respect, but the new methods of teaching will dictate other requirements for these specialties.

Entertainment industry

The development of technology and automation can leave without work to the managers of restaurants, hotels, cinemas and gyms. Currently there are many applications and sites where anyone can book a hotel or rejecting the card of club of a gym.

The value of the travel agencies also disappears, as many people have realized that traveling without intermediaries is much cheaper and does not cause many problems. Modern technology simplifies greatly the preparation for the trip. In the tourism sector will be current in the following positions: developer browsers and tourism and the director of tours individual.

Manual work

The function of “automatic pilot” is becoming more perfect, scientists claim that the accident pilot mode auto are much less than with a person at the wheel, so that the profession of driver will soon become unnecessary.

To the workers of the polygraph is not going so well, because print publications have been replaced by electronic publications. The profession of postman is under threat, because few people send letters on paper, requesting correspondence and a notice on the package can be obtained on-line.

The development of 3D printers puts at risk the workers of the light industry. The work of miners, mining engineers and drillers may possibly also be less valuable, not only for automation, but also by the tendency towards the shift to renewable energy sources.

Trade and marketing

The development of sales by internet and targeted advertising to the customer, in addition to the automatic gearboxes in the shops will make you disappear such professions as salesperson, cashier, sales manager and commercial agent.

Financial Sector

The jobs bank , and professions related to the processing of data will be less required. Many banks already create high quality applications that any user can understand. The big banks already plan to close a portion of the offices to reduce expenses. In the financial sector, will be developed to professions such as appraisers of intellectual property and developers of pension plans personal.

Intellectual work

The development of neural networks may cause a devaluation of the work of journalists, writers and editors. Today, a neural network can write a story. The editorial Associated Press used a robot to write the news. The jurists are also in danger. For example, in Great Britain, from 2015 there is a bot on the Internet that help to solve problems with fines without resorting to costly services of legal support.

Don’t despair

The professionals will always be in demand, so follows perfeccionándote. The bots will be able to write articles and quality news media, but the literary works will be written only by a human being. Don’t forget that the task of automation serves to take away routine work that requires time and effort. At that time we will be able to concentrate on tasks that are really important and complex.

If you or your children have to decide on their future profession, pay attention to those areas that definitely will be in demand. These specialties are related to the capacities and human feelings. For example, a doctor, a psychologist, an educator, a researcher and a translator. The professions that are linked with the construction will always be in demand. Many specialties do not dissolve completely in the world of technology, it will only change the tasks of the employee. Agronomists, for example, will be replaced by urban farmers and operators of agricultural machinery automated. Do not forget the industries: information technology, robotics, engineering, biotechnology, development of new materials, energy sources and space.

Do you think that the future will be fantastic? Or do they fear the radical changes? Tell us about it in the comments, we are very interested in.

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