We have prepared a guide of 24 fabulous events for next year

It costs nothing to dream of visiting a carnival in February, admire the blossoming of sakuras in April, support your national team in the Football World cup in June and July, participating in the Oktoberfest in October and in December to enjoy the atmosphere of the New Year in one of the christmas fairs. It is possible to not only dream, but to make these dreams a reality.

Great.guru made a selection of 24 tourist itineraries during the 12 months of the year that will leave you breathless.

Are you ready to spend the next year traveling? So let’s go!


Festival of ice and snow sculptures of Harbin, China

Fire Festival Up Helly Aa in Lerwick, Scotland

The festival of Up Helly Aa takes place every year in the city of scotland Lerwick on the last Tuesday of January. Up Helly Aa is considered to be one of the fire festivals on a large scale in the european territory. The inhabitants of the town of Lerwick dress up as vikings, they create models of viking ships, and go through the streets proclaiming with trumpets of war. The “vikings” on their shoulders, loaded a boat to the sea and to one side of it shed thousands of torches. This is the main point of the party.


Carnival of Venice, Italy

The main events of February are the carnivals, which are conducted mainly in catholic countries, and are accompanied with festivities mass with theatrical performances and processions through the streets.

The carnival of Venice is one of the most beautiful festivals in Europe. The city for two weeks back a couple of centuries ago. The narrow streets of Venice, bridges and squares without hurry, walking people with their masks, costumes of the ancient times and in the venetian palaces are held dances.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The carnival’s most famous takes place in Rio de Janeiro. It is the largest in the world and this is why your preparation lasts an entire year. The culmination of the carnival is a parade of the top samba schools. Dancers present themselves to the spectators thematic actions in theatre, driving in the wagons-stylized by spacious streets with stairs of several floors.


Festival of lemons in Menton, France

The festival of lemons is a festival that is held annually since 1936 in the resort town of Menton, on the Côte d’azur of France. The festival is spread over 2 weeks, since the end of February to early march. The designers of fantasy they create huge sculptures amazing saffron citrus. During the festival in the streets of the city you can see the acrobats, clowns, painters and musicians. Along the coast move the caravan will be decorated with citrus fruits.

St. Patrick’s day, Ireland

The St. Patrick’s day is a cultural festival and regional levels that is celebrated annually on the 17th of march. This day symbolizes the christianization of Ireland and it is also a celebration of the cultural heritage of that country. The festival in honor of St. Patrick’s in Dublin includes parades, theatrical performances, fireworks and lasts for a few days.


Blossoming of sakuras, Japan

Hanami is the japanese tradition of observing the beauty of the flowers originated in the imperial era. The blossoming of the sakura is a short period that lasts between 7 and 10 days and then the petals fall. The flowers begin to bloom at the end of march. But the best time for the observation are the first weeks of April. In the specialized websites publish forecasts of flowering of the sakura across the different regions of Japan.

Flowering in the royal park of Keukenhof and the flower parade, Netherlands

The royal park of Keukenhof is situated between Amsterdam and The Hague, in the small town of Lisse. Each season the park is visited by over a million people. This place is open a little less than two months a year, from end of march until mid-may. If you come to Keukenhof on April 21, 2018, then you’ll be able to see the annual parade of flowers. Just that day the procession of different compositions of flowers will pass by this park.


The birthday of the Port of Hamburg, Germany

The birthday of the Port Hamburg in Germany is one of the maritime festivals larger with parades of ships, involved ships from all over the world. Takes place the four days leading up to 7 may, from the Thursday until the Sunday. The program of the feast includes dancing and other performances, water sports, music concerts and fairs. The festival ends on Sunday with the last boat parade and great fireworks over the harbor.

Night of Museums, Paris, France

The Night of Museums is an international action timed to the International Museum Day, celebrated on may 18. During this date you can see the exhibitions of the galleries for the night. On this night many museums around the world are open for spectators from the sunset and almost until the morning of the next day.

On this night paris participate places of international fame such as: the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Centre Georges Pompidou and many others. The majority of the visits to the permanent exhibitions are free. In the program Night of Museums will take place theatrical performances, light shows, concerts and fashion shows. The conditions and the program of The Night of the Museums can be found on the website of the event.


World cup Soccer, Russia

From 14 June until 15 July 2018 in Russia will be held the great festival of football: the fifa World Cup of Football. 11 cities of Russia will receive the players and fánaticos from all over the world. In addition to the matches that will take place in the stadiums, in Russia there will be a lot of cultural events scheduled for this celebration of sport.

Stonehenge, the summer solstice sunrise, Great Britain

The day of solstice is celebrated by many peoples in a greater or lesser extent. However, in the south of England, from the year 2000, this celebration was made special. In the night from 21 to 22 June, to see the dawn arrive more than 30 thousand people to one of the archaeological sites the most famous in the world: Stonehenge.

In the normal days you can not enter the area of stones, but on the day of the summer solstice make an exception and you can personally touch the legendary artifact.


Blossoming of lavender, Provence, France

To the south of France, in the province of Provence, in mid summer lavender fields begin to bloom. The beauty of these places attracts the attention of painters, photographers and tourists from all over the world. You can admire the views of the lavender fields from mid-June until the end of August. But it is better to go in July, as that is the time of peak flowering of the species.

National day of France, Paris, France

On the 14th of July in France it is celebrated the main festival of the Republic: the day of the Bastille. Its official name is the National Holiday. Begins on July 14 with a military parade in Paris, organized personally by the president of the French Republic. The closing of the celebration is an amazing spectacle of fireworks on the Field of Mars, whose party is a lighting solemn of the Eiffel Tower.


The parade of military bands from Edinburgh, Scotland

The parade of military bands Edinburgh is a musical representation of theatrical worldwide, which takes place during August near Edinburgh Castle. Started in the year 1950 and is celebrated annually. Edinburgh invites you to the parade real the best orchestras in the world. Each band represents in the festival’s national feature of your country: the costumes, the music, the dances. The execution of the orchestra is accompanied by pyrotechnic effects.

Festival Tomatina, Bunol, Spain

Tomatina is an annual festival held during the last week of August in a Spanish town called Buñol. Around 40 thousand people arrive from different countries to participate in this battle, whose “weapon” is the tomato sauce. During two hours of “battle tomato”, the mash reaches to the ankles, all the houses around and the participants are painted in red color.

When the “battle tomato” is over, cleaned up the plaza and celebrate the festival of the summer outgoing, which lasts a week and includes musical performances, fairs, parades, dances and fireworks.


The Historical Regatta, Italy

Every September in Venice held a sports festival and historical, whose traditions date back to the FOURTEENTH century. The Historical Regatta opens with a parade along the Grand Canal. Copies of the ancient galleys, venetian with golden ornaments are carried by the citizens, who are dressed in historical costumes great for the occasion. The main event of the Historical Regatta is the skill of the gondoliers.

Festival of the whales in Hermanus, south Africa

Hermanus in south Africa is the world capital of whales. Here annually at the end of September is carried out the Festival of whales. In Walker bay, on the shore of which lies the city, hundreds of whales arrive to give birth and raise their calves. The whales come close to shore, at a distance of 15 or 20 meters and can be observed from special platforms. For those who wish to see these animals as close as possible to there are maritime excursions.


Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

The Oktoberfest is the folk festival beer and the world’s largest annually held in Munich, Germany. Attracts approximately 6 million visitors each year. The celebration takes place from mid-September until early October and its duration is in average of 16 days. Opens with a procession that involved sledding holidays from all the beer tents of the festival.

International Festival of Jazz in Barcelona. In the scenario, the best guitarist of modern flamenco.

International Jazz Festival of Barcelona is one of the shows of this genre the most famous in the world and one of the musical events more important of the Catalan city. Occurs annually from September to December, as the organisers consider that the autumn is the best time for this celebration. The members of the festival are the stars of jazz on a global scale.


Festival of Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, Thailand

In November in Thailand, was carried out two holidays beautiful: Loy Krathong and Yi Peng. In the first, millions of thais and tourists sent small rafts with candles by the river. The lit candle symbolizes the light of the Buddha’s teachings, and the ritual itself is a kind of absolution, a cleansing of offenses and bad thoughts. Loy Krathong arrives at the full moon of November.

Yi Peng usually coincides with the Loy Krathong festival. This takes place in the city of Chiang Mai. In Yi Peng, it is customary to leave thousands of paper lanterns for happiness. When you launch the flashlight air, you must make a wish.

Festival of new wine, Beaujeu, France

The feast of the new wine Beaujolais Nouveau Day is considered as one of the national holidays most beloved and celebrated all over the country and out of it on the third Thursday of November. That day, restaurants of all French cities hang posters with the words “Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!”.

The main centre is the south east of France. The festival begins with a night parade in the capital of the region of Beaujeu. Local winemakers roll barrels of wine in the main square and at exactly midnight they break the plugs to regale all gathered with the first wine of the new harvest.


Festival of lights, Lyon, France

Each year, in December, for four nights in Lyon takes place the Festival of lights. At this time in the city you can see over 70 shows and installations, performances, and musical performances. The festival of lights attracts hundreds of thousands to Lyon in December.

Strasbourg at Christmas, France

The red square days before the New Year, Moscow, Russia

December is the month of christmas fairs, which are held throughout Europe and compete with each other for its beauty and extension.

We will share with you two magical places where you can spend the days before the New Year. This is Strasbourgin France, known as “the capital of Christmas” and Moscow, the Red Square, where fairs are still working even until the end of February.

What destinations do you have really inspired you to leave your comfortable chair and go on a trip?

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