We have collected photos that literally convey warmth and affection

In moments of despair, it seems that no one in the world cares for one another. But, in fact, is not so. Do we not believe? Then look at the protagonists of our collection. They know what is care and empathy, and are always ready to help.

Great.guru has collected photos of people and animals that improve the world with your kindness, empathy, and care toward others.

1. A girl sold his car to pay for the operation of your dog

2. This barber gives them a discount for their services to children if, during a haircut, read a book aloud

3. “This nice girl came to see if he was okay, because she heard the noise that caused when something I dropped in the kitchen. And, just in case, I brought a gift of consolation”

4. “My daughter saved a bird that was attacked by magpies. Once he was safe, he decided to spend a little time with us”

5. “In Korea, if you park your car in a place where they carry out construction work dusty, will be placed this protector on it”

6. “She turned 10 years old today. I took a day off from work to be able to be together”

7. This worker spent a few minutes telling the children all about the road works

8. “A few crows started visiting my balcony. I left a little food there in the morning, and at night I found a piece of sausage in the same place. The generosity of the birds surprise me”

9. “This man is the father of twins. This is your first flight, so he decided to give the passengers earplugs with a note”

“Dear passengers, my name is Zed, and I have a twin brother named Jay. We have 5 months and you will not believe it, but this is our first flight in a large aircraft! I should probably be excited about this trip, but the only thing I think is that, again, I will give to eat. In this note I want to apologise for my brother: he has the habit of making noise, and I am a true angel! My parents have many hopes that we behave calmly, and even you will forget that we are on the plane. Otherwise, here are a couple of plugs for the ears, to make your trip a bit more bearable”.

10. Someone careful left a message on the door

“There is No toilet paper”.

11. The policemen of the local police station they gave flowers to women on the street for Mother’s Day

12. Someone left balls in the dog park

13. “I was approached by a guy and he asked me if I live in a house near which recently cut a tree. I said yes, and asked me to wait. Out of your home with this bowl, and gave it to me saying: ‘I did of the same tree’”

14. These guys cut the grass in the homes of elderly and disabled people free

15. This little girl was sad because he could not win a tyrannosaurus in a machine of toys. The next day, his uncle returned to the place, and won for her an entire family of stuffed animals

16. “Our cats have been fought, so my parents are trying to reconcile”

We are certain that you’ve found a real keeper in your life. Tell us your experiences and anecdotes in the comments.

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