We collected 14 facts that will seem funny, but they are the absolute truth

Every day, new discoveries upon which to before neither of us had dared to imagine. It is therefore not surprising that we do not yet know much of what is being discovered currently.

Today, Great.guru shares this collection of new facts which will broaden your horizon.

The weapon of the killers in the horror movies, a chainsaw, from time to more remote areas was intended to help with the delivery.

A possum wound or frightened falls dead, has eyes glazed over, his mouth foaming and his impacted anal glands hemana a stench. After the danger is past, the animal miraculously returns to its original shape and recovers.

To try a new fountain pen, the 97 percent of people type his name.

People who listen to music before sleep go to sleep faster, longer, and almost don’t wake up at night.

The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square is under tension so that the pigeons will not stand on his head.

In some provinces of China instead of sugar put salt in the tea.

In the 70’s in Belgium, in school cafeterias to the children they served beer, they called it “table” and thought that was healthier than soda. It was believed that this drink would make them grow faster. It was also felt that it was equally useful for pregnant women and women breastfeeding their children, since that was made of natural ingredients.

The minions are not only creatures yellow the movie “My favorite villain”. In the royal court the French, the favorites of the king were called minions, close friends, best friends and sometimes lovers of the royalty.

The dimple in the chin is a genetic mutation. The mutated genes that cause the dimpling in the chin, is presented within the sex cells of each parent.

According to a research, the bigger the belly the better the boyfriend or future husband. As a confirmation, the following facts: a rich man will always have time for your partner, have a high self esteem, despite their excess weight, they believe in themselves and don’t pressure your partner by your appearance.

After 30, the height of the human being decreases in a centimeter every 10 years. People lose height due to the discs between the vertebrae of the spine become dehydrated and contract. A spine aging can also become more corvada and the vertebrae may be disintegrating.

What has surprised you most in this list? Do you know more extraordinary things and amazing about our world? I share them with us in the comments!

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