We have gathered up 14 looks of cosplay that impresses with its realism

The cosplay is a hobby famous and quite common today. Each year we celebrate hundreds of festivals dedicated to the topic. One of the festivals of cosplay biggest is World Cosplay Summit, which is held in Japan. Annually brings together fans of the cosplay most talented from all over the world.

Today, Great.guru prepared for you a selection of the transformations most convincing of people from all over the world. – Enjoy!


Moana with your friends

Captain Jack Sparrow

Logan and X-23

Lara Croft

Peter Pan

The Disney princesses

Margaery Tyrell

Tyrion Lannister

Hagrid, the small Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron

The smallest Harley Quinn


The goddess Will Fiti

Wonder Woman

Have you ever participated in this type of event? Please share photos of your costumes in the comments!

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