HIIT: Burns calories in less time than with traditional training

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a method of cardiovascular training a very effective calorie burning, elimination of fat and liquids. You can see the results in less time than with a conventional training and the sessions are much shorter. What are you waiting for to try it?

In Great.guru we tell you in what consists this training so that you can put it into practice and see your results.

What is HIIT?

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), consists in mixing short periods of time of a cardiovascular workout very intense, with other periods of a moderate-intensity, or low.

To be a high-intensity workout, you must have a physical basis before you start to practice it. This way, you also avoid the possibility of injury.

Benefits of practice

There are several benefits that can be obtained with the practice of this high-intensity workout, in addition, in a short time you will notice their results:

  • Burning triple the amount of body fat with cardiovascular exercise classic.
  • Strengthen your muscles much faster than with other workouts.
  • Ralentizas aging, since the practice of this training stimulates the growth hormone.
  • You’ll increase your bone density.
  • Improving your ability to cardiac and pulmonary.
  • You will reduce the levels of glucose in the blood.

Workout routine

It is advisable to start on the HIIT in a gradual manner, starting with workouts that require less intensity to gradually increase this with time.

The training can be done at any time and in any place, you only need twenty minutes free to spend. That is practice for a short period of time, makes it easy to stay at maximum strength and you don’t get bored doing it.

Training for beginners

To start with the high-intensity training, you must perform the exercises proposed here at least three times a week.

1. Strides other and iron

It performs a series of 30 seconds of lunges alternating, and another 30 seconds of plank. Once completed, you can rest 10 seconds to re-make the circuit. With these exercises you tone the muscles of the back and legs.

2. Squats and push-ups

It consists of 30 seconds of squats and 30 seconds of push-ups. Rest for 10 seconds and returns to the circuit. With these exercises strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs.

3. Push-ups diamond and burpees

Perform 30 seconds of push ups diamond to work to fund the triceps, and 30 seconds of burpees to strengthen almost all your body. Make a break of 10 seconds , and reverts to perform the exercises in this circuit.

4. Iron and iron side

To finish the workout, do 30 seconds of plank and 30 seconds of side plank. With these exercises strengthen the core area, which comprises all the muscles of the central part of our body: abdominals, obliques, muscles deep in the spine, lower back muscles, extensors and flexors pelvic and buttocks.

Training to people athletes:

If you’re in good shape and you’re accustomed to workouts, you can start to work your body more intensely. Performed at least three times in a week twelve exercises of this circuit. The time for each exercise is 30 seconds, and 10 seconds of rest between them. With this activity we are strengthening all of the muscles in our body.

The exercises of the circuit we are going to divide in four sections:

1. Jumping jacks, squat isometric against wall and push-ups

2. Shrink abdominal, step up and squat

3. Funds triceps, running in the same site, and an iron

4. Strides, flexion with rotation and side plank

If you don’t want to spend hours in the gym and want to get maximum results in minimum time, this is your training.

And you, do you know the HIIT? Do you practice or know someone who does? It tell us!

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