Hitler died definitively in 1945, according to a study dental

“We can’t stop all the conspiracy theories about Hitler. But what is certain is that not fled to Argentina in a submarine or to a base hidden in Antarctica or on the dark side of the Moon”, says professor Philippe Charlier, who claims that Adolf Hitler died definitively in 1945 in Berlin, having taken cyanida and in addition, taking a shot, after murdering his wife in a treatment of the macabre. The results are based on the analysis of a fragment of the teeth of the dictator, which is located in Moscow.

The teeth are real, no doubt. Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945“, says Charlier. An article about it was published in the scientific journal European Journal of Internal Medicine. The analysis of the teeth of the German further showed that there was no deposits tártaos, as well as any traces of animal fiber, because Hitler was a vegetarian.

In march and July of 2017, the Russian secret service (FSB) and the responsible of the files of Russian officers, allowed a team of researchers to examine the remains of the dictator, for the first time since 1946, indicates Charlier. The team was able to see a fragment of the skull of a person who was the Fuhrer, who showed a hole in the left side of the same, probably caused by the passage of a bullet. However, scientists were not authorized to take samples of this fragment. However, the morphology of the same was “totally comparable” to the x-rays of the skull of Hitler taken a year before his death, found the research.

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But beyond confirming that Hitler died 30 April 1945 in Berlin, in his bunker, along with his wife, Eva Braun, also gives new light on the exact cause of death, indicates Charlier. “We don’t know if Hitler took a capsule of cyanida to commit suicide or if it was a gunshot wound in the head. They were probably both causes,” indicates the researcher.

The examination of the teeth showed no traces of gunpowder, so that it is clear that there was not a shot from the mouth of the dictator, or well, sites like the neck or the forehead. Also, the deposits found in their false teeth may indicate a “chemical reaction between the cyanida and the metal of the teeth”, says the researcher.

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