What House of Cards predicted the scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica?

Prays the old saying: The reality exceeds the fiction, but what happens when fiction becomes reality? If we have learned anything from The Simpsons is that the future can be predicted by the tv series and now fear another great case of this particular phenomenon: House of Cards and scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. As we explained to them all now, but before we have to leave you with a SPOILER ALERT for those that have not seen the glorious series of Netflix, or its fifth season, and still is among their plans to see it.

It all starts in the fourth season, when Frank Underwood is measured with the republican’s Will Conway for the presidency of the united States. Frank is desperate with the possibility of a defeat-the surveys are making it in pieces – and is willing to do anything to prevent it.

It is then that Frank found Pollyhop, the search engine more popular among americans, created by a certain Benjamin Grant. For the fate of the democratic, scientific data, personal, Aidan Macallan, find out that the platform has been used by Will Conway to navigate with better precision to the voters.

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The information obtained by Conway Pollyhop allows you to know better who are the voters in the elections using their search types and where they are located to be able to manipulate their votes and to adapt their image and platform to what they want.

In the end Conway, a republican like Donald Trump, by the way, emerges as the absolute winner, until that Underwood used a trap as president to avoid the vote in two states by threat of national security; also it used to be before the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on his rival, but it isn’T that it SOUNDS TOO much LIKE WHAT HAPPENED WITH CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA AND FACEBOOK?¡¡

The differences are subtle, as that Pollyhop is a search engine (like Google) and Facebook is a social network, but the essences is the same: to use personal data of millions of users to influence the presidential election.

What is most curious is that also threaten in House of Cards to bring the whole matter to The public Light and end up with the company of Benjamin Grant and give a hard blow to the campaign of Conway, although Underwood opts for a counter with the NSA, which had already made the perfect match.

And this happened in 2015, when they filmed the fourth season, which was set to air in march of 2016. Since then, media was warned about the dangers of the phenomenon Pollyhop happen in “real life”, as this article on the website Bustle , which calls the theme of fictional House of Cards “a very real threat”.

Another article on the website british Express scans all the issue and its continuity in the fifth season, in addition to how it would be if it happened in a real election. Ironically, everything was already happening in the electoral process is nothing fictional that resulted in the victory of Donald Trump in November of 2016 and that now has broken out the worst scandal in the history of Facebook and its creator Mark Zuckerberg, for some even permanent.

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