How To Build an Awesome Misting Machine in 15 Minutes – Video

How To Build an Awesome Misting Machine

It is however very hot out there! So this is one way to develop your straightforward back garden mister program for inexpensive. The procedure is reasonably sel-explanatory and you will probably come across entire information and also areas number beneath.
Guidelines and also Shopping list (below):

Acquire these types of your equipment store or purchase online:

1. 1/2-Inch Mist Nozzle Splitters –
2. 1/2-Inch PVC pipe cut to your needed length – Hardware Store
3. 1/2-Inch PVC Pipe Elbow –
4. 1/2-Inch PVC End Cap – Hardware Store
5. 1/2-Inch PVC Hose Connector –
6. PVC Cement + Primer – (This is a larger bottle and a bit more money)


1. Measure available the actual period you intend to deal with with all your mister program and buy the particular PVC water line. You’ll will often have several left since they are available in 10 foot parts. Some equipment retailers may slice these people immediately available for you so you can transfer these people in your automobile.

2. Invest in the number of nozzles you may need. For the 10 foot very long pice you’ll need a number of nozzles, put every single 2-feet.

3. Acquire elbows if you anticipate attaching water line with diverse sides. Even so, you could purely accomplish just one 10 foot water line (with nozzles), place and also end cap and also water hose attachment towards end of this if you would like keep it extremely straightforward.

5. Construct all of your areas having PVC bare cement and also location these people in your community you want them to end up being fitted.

5. Add the particular hose connection right after everything was in location.

6. While blow drying: Mess inside the water nozzles and also support water line having zero jewelry.

7. Mess inside the water hose and also flames it upwards.

8. Enjoy!

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