Images of an alpine town in which it is forbidden to take photographs

Recently, all the travelers of the world were impacted by the new rule of the swiss town of Bergün, which is located in the Alps. Under a new law, for each image of this village between the mountains, the photographer must pay a fine of $ 5. But what is more interesting, it’s not even a penalty in itself, but rather the purpose that is pursued with this statement: the draft legislation has been prepared for the exceptional landscapes of this city do not result in people feeling as terrible as eye! I envy! decided to see how it is this city, where the administration cares so much about those who in these moments are not in it. Find photos uploaded to Instagram, or well after paying the fine, or prior to 2017, when the standard was not yet in force.

These are the posters of the law that you see at the entrance of the city

And now we’re going to divert for a moment from worldly affairs and move to know the ins and outs of this alpine village

What did you like? What this atypical regulation aims to hide this city from the eyes of outsiders or, on the contrary, it is seeking to attract more tourists to visit? And, in general, in your opinion, what has been successful the decision that have been taken by the authorities of the place?

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