Indestructible, and could be the screens of the Apple devices

Right or wrong, but much has been made of the products it develops for Apple, not for anything social networks have become mad, as thousands of users used to complain about their latest releases, however, this seems not to have finished.

The above is said, because recently it was announced that the company patented a design that is extremely strong which would make their smartphones and laptops, objects indestructible.

The idea is not only to be water resistant, but are also against knocks and scratches that may be formed when they fall to the ground, which is a situation that the users are experiencing very often.

Based on this, the patent Apple unveils the new design, which goes by the name Abrasion-Resistant Surface Finishes On Metal Enclosure (surface Finishes, abrasion resistant compounds-metallic), would include a tough outer shell, and an intermediate layer less hard.

Therefore, there would be two layers whose material would be ceramic and carbon-based to protect all points and corners that have the devices; similarly, it is described that the thickness that can be handled in one of them will be 5 and 3 micrometers, while the other would have between 8 and 30 micrometers.

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For the moment, this is all that is known, because it is not specified what will be the gadgets that will be implemented, if it is come to occur, because the status of the registration of patents, not necessarily involving that really going to be carried out.

In this way, it is denoted that the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr, are not constructed with these materials, so that it has begun to speculate that yes is handled in different devices which include the resistance referred to. and Partners.

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