Instagram could be integrated very soon a new Portrait Mode

Instagram is one of the most used social networks worldwide, so that each update that arrives at the platform, it is of great interest to the millions of users who are members of the application. Now, a new rumor suggests that there might be a Portrait Mode so that the photographs have a better personal seal.

In the operating system of Android, it was discovered that Instagram added a new button called “Portrait shutter icon”, suggesting that each publication could have the option to manually change a portrait. That is to say, the images could blur manually just as is the case with DSLR cameras that have smartphones such as the iPhone 7 Plus and successors or Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy A8 or other.

The option was discovered through an APK of the app and this would allow the background of each image can be defocused so that the face of the person in question is most remarkable.

Instagram has become a platform really attractive and entertaining, as it offers the opportunity of making content ephemeral art or by using functions such as Boomerang or the “Superzoom” to give a better touch to each publication.

This is the photo most popular Instagram at all the times

Before the possible arrival of this update, the portal Techcrunch contacted the developers of Instagram, but they didn’t want to mention anything about it.

However, as had happened when the social network was about to include GIFs in the stories, so that does not indicate that the rumor is false. Anyway, we’ll have to wait for the platform to provide official information about that.

Since Instagram copied the basic function of Snapchat that became his update star, the social network has not ceased to provide developments that are attractive to users as the ability to record live, add GIFs, new filters, Augmented Reality, video calls or simply to talk individually or in groups through a section of messaging.

Instagram you delatará the next time you take screenshots of the Stories

Would you like to have this feature on your social network?

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