Intel get to make graphics cards in 2020

Is lost in the beginning of time, or at least in the 90’s, the era in which graphics cards for personal computers were not limited to the duopoly of Nvidia and ATI, now owned by AMD. But it seems that in a couple of years both companies will have a competitor of tronío: Intel.

Koduri, of 49 years, was signed in November of 2017, to act as chief architect and senior vice president of a division newly formed call Core and Visual Computing. Came from AMD, where he led the division graphic. He had previously worked at Apple, helping the transition to Retina displays. Will be responsible for expanding the business of the company the integrated graphics to the graphics cards in record time, given that the AMD did not believe that the arrival of the director had any impact until at least 2021.

There is plenty of time for 2020, but maybe a new actor in the market may alleviate some of the problems that affect the buyers of graphics cards, as is the scarcity and increased prices that have suffered by the use that has been given to minar criptomonedas as Bitcoin. In any case, Intel has explained that this new approach also aims to introduce them to the market of the artificial intelligence and machine learning, for which graphics processors are especially appropriate.

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