Internetballonnen Google ready for the next phase

Google works since 2013 with project Loon, which consists of balloons in the air and the wireless internet access to hard accessible places. The trial phase is now over, the Wage is a subsidiary within Google.

Or better said, within Alphabet – the parent company of Google. The Loon-balloons run on solar, and now 30 million miles. From the ground they are to new places, to send. Record: 198 days of continuous flying. They hang about 20 kilometres above the ground, in the stratosphere. So not right over your house.


Sometimes there is still something wrong. As it collapsed in december, is still a balloon down in Kenya, where a farm house was damaged. Yet start Google understand in this country with a large-scale Wage operations. Therefore, we work together with the local government. There would be 140 balloons are necessary to have the entire country of 4G.

Incidentally, had Facebook for a while, same idea. That company experimented with internetdrones, as large as a Boeing. Recently, however, the plug from this project are drawn.


A different concept from Google which is now a private company has become, is Wing. Wings are drones that are on auto-pilot, packets can be delivered. They can, for example, assistance delivery in areas of natural disasters, where rescuers find it difficult to can come.

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