Ip addresses of illegal downloaders may be collected

Illegal downloading in the near future punished. Dutch Filmworks is because the ip addresses of internetpiraten collect them then go to pay for the films they have viewed.

Dutch Filmworks is working with the German company Excipion to films from the portfolio of the film, for example torrentsites to monitor. Thus, the ip-addresses of downloaders in the map.

With that info, Dutch Filmworks then to providers steps, to find out who exactly is behind the ip address is concealed. Providers this is just not free, so there follow probably legal action.

Privacy risks

Dutch Filmworks announced his plans earlier already, after which the Authority Personal information opened an inquiry into possible privacy risks. The organisation does now, however, approval for.

According to the AP , there is the existence of ‘sufficient guarantees for the proper and careful processing’. This includes, for example, a reasonable period of storage of the ip addresses that set at five years.


Dutch Filmworks eventually a name and address, then a settlement proposal of a few hundreds of euros. This is, in fact, no penalty. But when internetpiraten not pay, the company can a legal procedure against them to start where they are even less likely to sit on it to wait.

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